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In terms of information gain not all discussion fills every narrative

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One thing about seeking advice on a public platform is realizing not all discussion fills every narrative, people have different things that work for them because people lead a different life. General advice sometimes won’t fill all bracket and embracing them might be embracing the life narrative of someone else which doesn’t fit in your information gain.

What does it feel like to have our own opinion and live by our own opinion? When you look around the world and the social space you find this happening less, a little bit of independent thinking, and a large piece of crowd followership and thinking.

This is not all that bad because humans need a community to survive, that togetherness we find ourselves we need it to be able to live. Humans need each other to measure their growth and need each other to understand that they are not the only ones going through whatever they are going through.

This is true when you look at the collective space online trying to get advice that pushes their life further than they expected. Information gain comes from the collective but becomes vital to individual growth more.

The individual getting this information gain from the collective or public place should understand that whatever he listens to or read isn’t really being said for him or her. Not every discussion falls into every shoe and a generalized idea will always be a generalized idea

The trap a lot of people fall into when it comes to seeking advice or information on the social space is that we tend to read the information then convince ourselves that this is being written for us to follow.

It is like a person going to a hospital and taking the prescription of someone else just because they love the color or smell of the drug

We tend to pick this advice and try to impact it in our life because the collective is resonating hard with it and standing alone can be the most difficult thing to do at that point. The herd mentality and the fear of missing out always play a part in the resonation of information gain

The problem is not information the problem is over information, the over-stimulating effect of information. Just like the food we eat, when taken too much and unnecessarily it stalls our growth instead of advancing our growth, brings more health damages instead of giving your health a proper balance.

You see a lot of people on every information platform, soaking up the knowledge of everybody and everything yet they remain on the same level from year to year and never seem to grow like the amount of information gain they have inside them.

Instead of this information gain to elevate these people, it makes them go back because they are consuming what isn’t for them. They are taking a drug prescription from other people and trying to make them work for them.

Most clueless reason for information gain

Look deep into the reason why they take this path and you will find a hunger for fake intellectualism. There’s no bigger goal as to why they need this information, they are not trying to use the experience of others to push themselves forward in life, and they are not trying to better their life for it.

All this excess information gain just comes from a place of walking around with junks just to prove how smart they are

The very possible way to avoid that trap or falling for that scam is to have a clear definition of what you want in your life, have a picture of your destination and what you need to get there.

When seeking information with this mindset everything becomes clear and you know what you need and what you don’t need.

Information is very excessive these days, especially in the online space because everyone feels like they have something to say but knowing what you want and knowing where you are lacking your subconscious will drive you to the best information that is useful to you at this very moment you are In now.

You will surely find what’s important to you at the moment if you are clear of the things you need to improve your life. You don’t go about searching for information the information gain comes to you as long as you are clear and ready.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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