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How to improve state of consciousness

State of consciousness

We live in a world of trends and events, where everything seems to change and move. The universe is always in motion and its people are always gravitating to something new to keep the mind occupied from losing itself. The idea of innovation and breakthroughs of inventions didn’t just come as a coincidence to mankind, those things come from a high state of consciousness of the human environment and its wants.

Everything around us moves, just like everything around us has its language. Many of these things the human mind is yet to catch up on and to the ones the mind has seen and understood we can see them in our everyday life and their use in our daily life.

Today we make use of so many inventions in the world space that wasn’t existing 100 years ago, the human state of consciousness awakened to how much these ideas and things could help improve society and make the works of man so easy.

Industriousness has been influenced by the human state of consciousness, apart from the invention of mechanics and technology our state of consciousness has led to new materials and new food and snacks to help push commerce and help deal with the wants of mankind

Without the human state of consciousness that has fallen on some special kind of people on earth, we wouldn’t have known how life could be so simple and how the use of ideas can bring huge change into our life

These changes and this material we use today to elevate life living have been existing since the dawn of time, everything has been existing before the human mind could grasp what they are about.

The periodic table and its element were there all this while before the civilization of mankind, man’s state of consciousness brought this down to the material world in which we live now.

Personally in life, the fact we don’t know something or understand them yet doesn’t mean it is not existing or not part of someone else’s state of consciousness.

The life we live and the results of our living come from the simple act of our state of consciousness. Every man has got his own height he sees from and one man’s peak is another man’s stepping stone.

Life is not happening to us life is just responding to us. What we say and the state of consciousness we possess turns out to be the things that happen to us in our reality.

Nothing can happen or change our reality if we don’t change our state of consciousness first. You can’t amount to anything in life if you are not conscious of yourself and your environment.

Change comes from what we can see and in the first paragraph of this article, I said the universe is moving and everything around us undergoes change. Most great inventions came as a way of detecting this change and figuring out the direction the world is pulling to

This change brings demand to change in our state of consciousness, you can’t detect the revolutionary change about to happen in the world if your state of consciousness is stuck in the past and what you are seeing at the very moment

Great inventors and innovators are sharpeners of their own state of consciousness, they have a higher sense of where the water is flowing to no matter the current. They are conscious of the change in their environment and are conscious of what society is demanding.

Survival in business rest on these shoulders, people with a greater state of consciousness tend to pick out the change about to happen in their field of expertise, and capitalizing on it before the average masses tend to capitalize on it.

Seeing what nobody is seeing yet could bring huge reward into your life and pocket but first that calls for a greater state of consciousness.

Money gravitates to the mind that is easy and responsive to change, a mind that is searching for answers, a mind that is trying to elevate his or her state of consciousness and apply everything this higher stage of consciousness brings him.

Success runs to the man that is searching for a new route to old roads. There’s a saying that there’s is nothing new under the sun and that might be true but there’s always a new way to do old things, to get to this new way you have to top your state of consciousness and avoid the conventional way of seeing and doing things.

The big question you might be asking at this stage of reading will be how can I develop this state of consciousness in me, how can I elevate my consciousness and begin to pick out trends before other people start following them.

Tips on improving state of consciousness

Just as I stated every environment has a rhythm of its own and when you understand the rhythm of the environment you live in you start understanding things that make your environment thick and things that makes your environment vulnerable, as in things that are lacking and making the people want for more.

This strategy took me a long time to pick but when I did, something magical really started to happen. Look around you something definitely is missing, a lot of people might not be conscious of these things yet and money is being left on the table because there’s no one offering these things yet

This might sound funny to you but go deep and walk around your environment, not just your physical environment but your social environment, the internet environment. I promise you are going to find something missing and be among the great innovators your community has produced

The second approach of this is self-questioning, this is magic if you can harness the power of answering your questions truthfully without hiding from your own self, amazing things happen when we ask why and how especially to ourselves

The third approach is solitude. Solitude brings all the answers into your palms, solitude makes everything clear, all the great inventors and innovators practiced solitude and did their best to bring out what was in their head and in their state of consciousness out into reality for everyone to enjoy and live

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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