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How decisions affect our life


One thing we as humans deceived ourselves on is the belief in myth, especially myth that has really driven us far from our truth and the right way to live. One of those myths is thinking that there is a God waiting for us in the sky with a huge book recording our sins to judge us on the last day. This myth alone has driven us out of the responsibility of our decision and its repercussion in our life here on earth.

Every day we make decisions every day we are put in a spot that demands us to decide which road to take in life and the repercussion of this decision is seen down here on earth even if we believe there is someone that will be judging us for it at the end of our life

The decisions of today become the joy or torment of tomorrow and the earlier we start realizing this in our life the more we start being responsible for them.

Decisions are known to have ripple effect and sometimes those actions we take today happen to see their result in years to come. There’s never a decision made that isn’t made with a result in mind even if they don’t result to what we are expecting them to result to.

The truth we continue to run from which makes us embrace most of the myth the world has to offer is that whatever we throw into the universe ends up coming back to us and this calls for us to accept responsibility because life is holding us to that. Life doesn’t care about what you are doing but as much as it doesn’t care it always feeds us with our own pill.

Whatever happens here on earth stays here on earth and is judged here on earth. To the man that lives of ripping people and calling himself successful, life doesn’t turn a blind eye to his actions and decisions and the way of life he has chosen to live, of course, life doesn’t care that much about the consequences of his actions in peoples life and can’t seem to prevent evil from happening but the evils in his actions won’t go unanswered and left to a loving God in the sky to judge when he is dead.

The life and decision that that man has chosen and made a lifestyle from will always have its effect and the effects of that lifestyle he can’t run from or avoid answering to when they start coming.

Everyone is free to consume alcohol everyone has access to it and nobody is really stopping anyone from consuming it in large quantities but as much as alcohol is everywhere doesn’t mean its consumption doesn’t come with the effect of its own. The effect of alcohol is being drunk and behaving the way a sober person won’t.

Everything in life has cause and effect and our decisions and actions do have this same effect that comes with them. We want to believe that God creates rules and sits in the sky to judge this rule but the rules he has created have been made in a way that they bring their own judgment.

Going against the universal law brings universal judgment to the individual, nobody like nobody has a special judgment and punishment waiting for them when they leave this place called earth. Nobody has a trial waiting for them with different angels being the lawyer to defend and prosecute them.

You steal from another man and you pay the price that comes with stealing through the effect which is unrest and fear of being caught. You kill a person and you pay the price of that as well.

I don’t feel God is that idle to hold a hearing for 7 billion people down here on earth, I don’t feel he has ever wanted to do that and engage in hearing our plea and that is why he created cause and effect and that is why he wants us to be responsible for our decisions and take them seriously.

We suffer the consequences of our decision down here on earth and we live the effect of our cause down here on earth, there’s no evading from that no matter how hard we try

How to improve decisions

One very possible way to be serious about decisions is to be conscious about them and whatever we put out into the world. Knowing that the decision we make always comes back to better or destroy our life we can choose to make the right choices no matter the temptation that stands in the short term waiting for us.

Having a long-term view of all our wants can help us make the right decisions and take the right causes that result in pleasant effect.

When you making a decision you want to sit down and ask the right questions that concern the long term of what you are about to take and decide on.

Things are always glamorous in the short term but when you look closer they are just death traps waiting to lure us in and ruin our life.

People have always turned a temporary weakness into something permanent, you don’t have to fall into that scenario too, you just have to be clear with what you want and understand the problem you face today won’t be existing in a year from now.  

Things are about to change for you as long as you are driving towards positive change and belief in the universe to guide your steps.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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