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How commitment shapes our life

How commitment shapes our life

Joy is the man that wakes up every morning with a task in mind to take care of, joy is the person that finds something to commit to. How commitment shapes our life comes in a thousand ways.

Most of life’s problems come from us not knowing what to do. 

When the body isn’t giving itself to something it gives itself to illness, mental problems, worries, and unhealthy living. 

All these happen on an unconscious level because we will rather think our problem comes from something complex than putting the body to work or giving the mind something to commit to.

How commitment shapes our life comes from the things we care about. When you care about something you do everything to make sure that thing has its best result. 

You care enough about your dreams that you want to get in the right state of mind to make your dreams come to pass. 

You want to eat healthily, live healthy, keep up with time and stay organized.

Commitment is what lifts man out of the place of mediocrity and into the realm where he can begin to create the reality he wishes to create for himself and the people he loves.

Take a look at your romantic relationship, if you are truly in love with your partner you want to do everything in your power to make sure he or she is happy. Her happiness is your happiness (vice versa)

It is something of a give and takes scenario, you do the most to put a smile on their face and the smile and comfort they get from you help them reciprocate that feeling to you.

You are happy making them happy, you are happy seeing your dreams come to fruition, you are happy seeing that business grow and blossom after years of commitment and showing up every day.

To commit is to give yourself the permission to be happy and feel the joy that comes with seeing something grow.

What keeps people away from commitment

The word commitment carries its own weight because it demands you to give and give and give before you start to receive. 

That idea of commitment doesn’t sit well with people but you will never find anything meaningful in life without commitment. Without commitment, you will live a life lacking in all things.

Nothing good on earth falls from the sky, your dreams and ambition need you to commit and devote every waking hour to it before it can serve you. 

We live in a world where people walk around with life-changing talent and gifts but fear the commitment that comes from making it work.

We live in a world where people find themselves in a relationship with their potential or future mate but allow a lack of commitment to top them from something beautiful 

Whoever and whatever we choose to want or become in life can never come to fruition without waking up in the morning to take proper care of it.

When you decide to live life on the path of commitment there is no limit to the joy you are going to come upon.

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