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how can one seek wisdom?

How can one seek wisdom

Have you met someone wise, like really wise you think this person knows it all and you will love to be like this person, possess all the abilities this person has and probably enjoy all the clout and attention they enjoy? If you are this person, the question on your mind is how can one seek wisdom?

How can one seek wisdom in a world that is so hard to understand is the question on quite a handful of people’s minds, people are truly interested in knowing how to evade the world and have the mental ability to get things done 

In seeking or searching for wisdom we need to first understand that wisdom is not a gift we wake up to or something that the outside world drops in our palm but the outside world gives us the blueprint to how wisdom gets built.

Every individual have his or her personal experiences and these experiences they get to live with every day and every minute till they leave this realm into another realm where nobody knows what is happening

Wisdom is the ability to understand this realm under your experiences, every individual experience is the power to possess wisdom. Wisdom is not the understanding of the world but the understanding of the script the world has given you.

You would have heard the saying that we are all on this plane acting a script the universe has given us to act. Well, that might be true but at the end of the day, every individual experience is that script we are acting.

So if we are all acting a script then how can one seek wisdom in a world that is filled with confusion? 

Understanding the confusion of the world is not your problem or should it be your focus, but understanding the script you have played should be the goal in gaining wisdom

You might have seen people that are wise and versatile with every topic on earth and think these people got to that place by knowing everything about the world but you might be wrong. 

These people just took time to understand who they are and their past experiences. Every human on earth is reliving experiences and the wise are people that have learned to recognize those patterns of the past in their future.

This is what differentiates knowledge from wisdom. Knowledge is knowing things and understanding a thing or topic wisdom is connecting the dot of everything you know and understanding how their patterns relate or influence other things 

Wisdom is the putting of past experiences together to make future interpretation of something, that’s why when you see some people talk, they talk and influence the future so much that you think they are living in the future

That’s why you get so fascinated when you hear the wise make judgment. Not that they are perfect or too intelligent but it is that they are very good or rather perfect at recognizing old patterns in future dealings 

How can one seek wisdom in their personal life?

So the big question now is how can one seek wisdom in their personal life, how can you seek wisdom and be the wise person you have always wanted to be.

My advice for you will be to gather as many life experiences as possible. People think you have to be knowledgeable or really book smart to be wise but I don’t see it as necessary. Go to the most rural areas where there’s no solid education and you are still going to find a wise person leading others

This wise person, just as I stated earlier, is very good at recognizing the patterns of their past experiences and how it relates to the future.

Live a life worth living, make mistakes because wisdom most especially comes from pain. Your experiences will elude you if they didn’t leave a mark on you. So many people live and have experienced a lot but because those experiences didn’t leave a mark of pain on them they forget them and learn nothing from them.

Struggle is another path that leads to wisdom and when looked at closer is still an experience that helps our future cause.

The goal here is to be able to get this experience and have the ability to recognize patterns and how they shape your world and future experiences.

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