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As a child I remember running around the park with my friends, shouting on top of my voice, and enjoying the chase from friends. As much as I remember this lovely moment I remember also the injuries I had from those plays back then and how my mum would treat my little injuries but what was most painful for me was sitting on the sideline waiting while healing from my injuries.

We all go through moments of healing in our life, we all have something we are truly finding a cure to but if there’s one painful thing about healing it is the ability to keep us sidelined and watch other people play.

One of the sufferings of the modern adult is psychology and this psychological problem caused by various experiences from the day we were born to our present age has made us unconsciously put ourselves on the sideline searching and seeking healing from this problem.

In the process of seeking healing, we have driven ourselves into situations that need healing from the healing we have been searching for.

Permit me to say that healing itself forms an identity that we are wounded and need special care and until we get that special care we are actually not moving or going to the playing field.

Listen I don’t mean to talk down on your healing process or try to tell you that you are not supposed to go seek healing and be free from your traumas and psychological problem

I’m saying that sometimes this healing usually talked about by humans and their gurus is just another form of procrastination to make you remain a victim.

So many of us have said these things all our life and kept onto the perception of healing and being free from everything that affects and handicap our life but yet we still keep rolling over in our shadows and still going back to make the same mistake.

Regardless of how you feel and what you think of the world, one thing you should remember is the world is moving and doesn’t really care if you are in a healing process or still sleeping in your mess.

Healing for most have served as a form of procrastination and a way of them not taking responsibility for their life

People have taken themselves out of the playing field of life and have left their life in the hands of chance with no direction and no idea of the next step to take all because of something that happened to them when they were young but listen we have all been there too and felt pain in our own way

You can either cry about the world not being fair to you or you can be that change in the world that brings fairness into it, we all have options we all have choices in life. Life is that much fair and we can go on to be whatever we want to be everything rests on our will

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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