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Why haggling habit is a sign of disrespect


We see discount while shopping and we jump on them thinking we are having a blast and buying affordable, though this might be true but what effect does this have on our mindset. We want to price ourselves through everything and have the most the desirable bargain but behind the scene there’s some psychology effect that comes with haggling.

The effect of haggling in a man is more than it is in a woman, it is a woman place to find the right price for the family, sometimes they operate on a budget given to them by the man of the house which allows them to be extra conscious of the money they pay for grocery and other needs..

Haggling habit in a man is a sign of disrespect towards himself. It is him not respecting himself enough and not taking seriously his time. When you lose direction on both of this as a man you lose direction on everything else and you continue to live in space of scarcity.

He disrespect himself knowing that he could be doing better and able to afford whatever he wants but he has settled on his ability of not living up to his potential which result to him fishing for the cheapest prices out there on the street. It is an unconscious process of lack that shift to consumerism.

He doesn’t take time seriously which result to him not being productive enough. Time to be used in doing things that moves mountain for him he uses in checking out coupon, walking around the market talking with every trader trying to get the cheapest price so he can go home and brag about how he got what he got for a fair price

A man who focuses too much on haggling don’t come to realization of this, he might be thinking he is catching a bargain here and there but deep down and below his conscious level he is actually disrespecting himself and not taking himself seriously by wasting time that goes on to affect other aspect of his life.

During our bargaining and asking for the right price we should know where and when to do this and yes I strongly disagree with haggling but to those that see it as a lifestyle and to those that need it to survive you want to be really conscious of the psychology effect of it that goes on to affect other areas of your life

It can make you live life in the angle of insufficiency. No matter how hard you work you will never be able to amount to that level of abundance, a continuous state of lack will follow you all through life because the energy you throw into the world is one of lack and insufficiency.

Many people end up having money but continue to live like they don’t have enough, they have a mindset of cheating the world, acquiring more while the other person has less, this kind of thought and way of living can come back and haunt you, making you lose everything you have worked for.

Some people are just out there trying to survive with the little they are offering and if you have enough to carry you along it is better you leave something extra with them than try bargain to take the little they have.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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