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Why gurus and experts cant help you

Gurus and experts

We humans have a habit of holding on to the expert and believing they have all the answers to our problem. We want to believe these gurus and experts have the key that will unlock some doors if we follow them.

Humans seek a map to their destination in life, we want all answer brought to the surface, we want certainties but how often do we get this.

The one truth about us is that we need someone to worship, humans need someone they can put up high to carry their responsibility for them.

We need someone to look up to, who we feel has the answer to all their question. We seek to want to create a godlike image of a person where we can seek refuge and put all the blame on our shortcomings just because we followed their advice

In the process of seeking this answers and map to our destination we miss this single point that every individual have their own path to walk and though the gurus and expert we put pedestal might have made it on the path we are trying to follow, he or she only know what works for them and can only give you the advice of their experience.

The truth is nobody knows what works and you are the only one that can tell yourself what works and what won’t work. All the right and wrong answers are something you have to find out yourself while you are on the journey.

It is never easy for anybody, though we have the guidelines of these gurus and experts, those hardcore facts and truth you keep looking for can be found by you alone.

The gurus and experts can be real with us and tell us what they know but they don’t know us and know our personal experience, family background, and health-related issue.

These gurus and experts are just out here giving generalized advice and a cure to general issues and illness.

Even if it resonates with you and helped cure what you are feeling for the moment the real cure comes from you and by the work you put

This is the reason why so many people get drunk on motivational content but never end up doing the real work that gets them out of the situation and problem they find themselves in.

They would rather mentally masturbate to motivational content and see the gurus and expert from a godlike view.

They need someone to worship, they need an image that feels their pain. They don’t want to be saved but want to pass a high amount of serotonin to their brain and get high off the content that these gurus and expert post and say on their platforms

Being observant of this problem in you could go on to change everything around you. Only you can give yourself the answers you crave yourself and until you choose to start finding them you will keep on hoping on these gurus and experts to give you the keys to unlock yourself.

They have done the job that got them there and they are just sharing their experience whether legit or not. You have to find your own voice and start speaking with it.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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