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We have all sets some goals in our lifetime we’ve all had something that we wanted to do or plans set aside with steps to follow to its accomplishment most of us find ourselves relaying back from this set goals while most find themselves sticking to it like a religion or some sort of discipline but the question that poised us is how important are this set goals are goals that important in achieving whatever we want from life is it the only way we can get to our life destination

Goals can be defined as an observable and measureable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame when we look at that definition we can get two meanings from it the first: goals are observable and measurable actions toward an objective aim and two: time is what gives it meaning

Goals are what gets us ahead they are the road map to our destination and every business every person of huge achievement or someone that has made it to some point in his or her career will tell you that goals are what got them to the place they are from having short term goals to having long term goals people actually build their life around goals companies make sure to set monthly goals for its employees to follow and work and focus on having goals just like the definition stated earlier are observable and measurable it is way of showing us we on the right track to a specific objective this all seem to be true but what are the point we missing out in sticking and holding onto goals we have found ourselves as people relapsing on our goals we have found ourselves drifting out of the line, budget, diets and plans but does that mean we can’t achieve anything without a specific goal set to keep record on


We as humans are not that perfect believe me not everybody can be Hercules not everybody is going to run a fortune 50 company or be the CEO of some big firm and that’s the truth in as much as everybody is out here on the internet space making us believe we are Superman we aren’t we are superman in our own ways and different people with different ability most cant stick to a goal most can’t make all the sacrifice and that’s okay goals are important but how important are they that if we don’t stick to them? do we end up living a mediocre life? How important is goals that it rules our life? Different people have how they approach things and get them done most don’t believe in set goals most believe in getting them on a personal level I believing sticking too much to a road map makes us miss the road that might get us to our destination more quickly and with less resources and time consumption we lose the little piece of jewel lying on the road because we are too focus on what we have drafted instead of what nature has installed for us  

This is a personal experience for me I have always been a fan of goals it is what I have preached all my life I hate being the motivational speaker but I found myself unconsciously doing this trying to preach trying to help people get their life back on top but personally I find myself lacking behind even in my set lifestyle of living motivationally and creating goals for every action without even letting life play its part we live in a universe that controls how things turns out and no matter how in charge we are with ourselves sometimes things don’t go our way and this was a lesson I never wanted to learn because I want my goals to come out exactly how I have them in my head and writings with this strict pursuit I tend to miss the point of my objective I tend to miss what the universe was trying to tell me in my rigidity I lost a lot because I wasn’t soft and malleable I wasn’t adaptable enough to allow nature mold out my plan to my objective

Don’t get me wrong on my point and where am taking this topic my apology if you always drunk on the motivational stuff but am being realistic here goals are important everybody knows this but they are not that important that you hang your life around it sometimes we have to let nature take its place matter of fact whether we recognize it or not nature always takes its place in our life and by this I don’t mean leaving our life in the hands of chance and not set realistic goals or plans to whatever we want to achieve in life nature has zero tolerance for the weak and the unmotivated you have to set those plans out but don’t try to be too rigid on them to be too focused on them that you lose adaptability and flow things happen beautifully in the process of flow rather than in the process of rigidity or seriousness creativity happens outside of consciousness when we let go and allow ourselves to be human great things happen when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable vulnerable to our ideas it is okay to fail it is okay to miss a day of diet it is okay not to go to the gym but make sure it’s not something that turns into a chain of mistakes that leads to habit

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