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The relationship between fun and work

fun and work

Hating what you do is the surest way to success. Just like you now I couldn’t believe what I heard from this online financial guru, so I was like how can you separate fun and work. 

You see I grew up around entertainers, I grew up around people who were waking up every morning to create a life they want for themselves and what they wished to consume. 

Along the line, if this creation goes out to the public and influences the public then it is a bonus point.

To these people, combining fun and work is a win for them, they are not looking for a bonus point but just want to live and relish that God complex in them that creates. I will never be able to get out of bed if I dont enjoy writing this article for myself. 

Notice how I said for myself right? Because if I dont do it for myself then how can I do it for you and how can I make you enjoy reading this article and many more I have written. 

Fun and work are related and cannot be separated because if you want to serve the people you wish to serve better then you better love what you do and not just love what you do but have fun with what you do.

One thing I believe in about life is that nobody does great work by just riding with whatever they do. I might be creative at heart but I also know this about business. For anything to grow and flesh out in its highest purpose obsession have to be its backbone.

Which business in this life grows without obsession? I want to know someone that creates or makes art without a little bit of obsession.

Fun and work are the bedrock of obsession. I enjoy doing what I do so much that I wake up every day to learn new ways to serve you better and reach more people. It is an obsession that will never stop because I have found the relationship between fun and work.

To be great at whatever you do you also need to discover that relationship between fun and work. 

This is not even the art of selfishness but of gratitude and appreciation for the love you get from doing the things you love.

What if you can’t find the relationship between fun and work

Now some people will say not everyone has that opportunity to enjoy the relationship between fun and work with what they do. 

Yes, I believe this, I believe some people do routine jobs. They wake up every morning to do the same thing every day and to them how can they be obsessed.

Some jobs don’t call for obsession but they do call for satisfaction. How do you choose not to be satisfied with what you do, how do you choose to deprive yourself of that satisfaction that comes with service?

As long as you get paid for it, as long as you wake up in the morning to do it and feed yourself off it then it is better to find the relationship between fun and work.

Not only are you going to make yourself happy and look forward to every day but you are going to be putting a smile on somebody’s face no matter how small you think your task contributes to humanity. 

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