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Focus on what you can do for them


The biggest problem is that we focus on the wrong things especially when it comes to business approach and what we choose to give to people and do for people.

The big fact we miss is, it is not what they can do for you but what you can but what can you do for them

We focus too much on what we want from the next person that we miss the whole point of life, that life isn’t about what you take but what you choose to give and provide

When going about trying to find out what we can do in business we tend to choose the things that resonate with us and that we feel it is a need but these things end up not being a need or market fit

We focus on the money and the returns and fail to focus on what other people need and what we can do for them or bring into their life

Nobody is interested in what you can do, people are only interested in what you can do for them and what you are bringing to the table.

The very best way to have a successful business is putting this approach in perspective and trying to know what people actually need and give them just that.

Life gets a little bit easier for us when we remove the focus from ourselves and put it on the next person, by trying to know what the next person is interested in you remove yourself from the friction of getting something and the resistance people put up when trying to know them

People appreciate those that take the time to truly know them and do their research about them to find out what they like  

People appreciate more those who take time to listen to them rather than make the conversation about them.

This doesn’t really happen in the business field of finding out what the market wants but this also happens in the everyday life.

We jump into conversation making it about ourselves and not giving the other person a chance to express themselves.

How to remove the focus from us

So how do we start by trying to remove the focus from ourselves into the other person we are having a conversation with or how do we try to know what the market needs and not selling what we think the market needs

We have to put in perspective that we are one in a billion people and what fascinates us might not fascinate a huge amount of people to be able to make a profit from it.

We start a business, liking and having a real interest in what we are trying to push to the public but does the public have much interest in that.

If the product or service we are trying to push to do the public doesn’t have enough interest coming from the public they will be having a hard time selling that product or services and making the change we envision

That’s why regardless of our feelings and emotions towards a business we really want to do our market research and see the demand for that product or services we are trying to sell.

We want to put in motion what is already in motion and appealing to the specific kind of people we are trying to appeal to, without that we will be spending a huge amount of money without seeing a return.

Secondly, in our discussion with people, we should avoid making it about us. When we make the whole situation and conversation about ourselves we are losing the interest of the next person.

Make it about the other person, put the focus on the other person and watch how you go on to make friendships easily

Not only making friends but also getting what you want from the other person easily.

People are itching to be heard, people are itching to talk about their expertise and their adventure and you have nothing to lose if you can create that stand for them to express themselves without looking phony.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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