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Fear: Its Impact and How to resist It


Fear has always been a telling factor in our society we all have fears either personal fear or societal fear (collective fear) but what happens when our fear of survival has been brought to the surface what happens when the impacts of fear comes calling especially in times like this how do we get to beat the influence of fear around us

The government has created propaganda just to impact fear into society into the people that they rule this fear makes the masses controllable you tell a man he can lose his ability or opportunity to feed and procreate and you have him under your arms he becomes a slave he relies on outside sources for his bread and have no say about the future

Our personal fears too keep us imprisoned but sometimes our personal fears keep us alive the fear of not finding a mate keeps us on our toes trying to be a better man trying to be a better woman the fear of survival and starvation keeps us industrious and danger averse but resonating too much with our internal fears ends up keeping us handicapped and keep us from living life like the way we supposed to live they cloud our judgment and decision to get ahead in life 

Impact of fear can be said as those influence that brings out the fear in us they are external the world impact means a force of consequence or a strong effect so when I say the impact of fear I mean the influences of fear in society the things that creates propaganda and disrupt the peace in society

The impacts

The government: the government in other to keep the masses in check creates fear and disrupt among them all this are to keep it’s people in a state of worry and concern some time they raise false news that triggers the survival of man sometimes they push forth propaganda into society through stock market, terrorism, through mismanagement of the country resources and economy, poverty, self-afflicted recession and many more

The media: The media has always been the publisher of the government shenanigans the media serves fear first hand and to top that the media makes lot of money off anything that creates fear and anxiety among the masses and with the introduction of social media society now serves themselves the fear on a silver platter our movies our television series our music our news all this inspires and influence fear deep in our psychic this fear that was based only in the older generation has now driven itself into the younger generation because this younger generation now go on social media and wish they could have the life they see on their phones therefore leading to depression

Sudden death: Death has been a huge influence of fear around all demography (yeah I said all demography because death is a best seller allow me) but it becomes a greater influence when it is being caused by a pandemic this tends to make people lose their cool and make irrational decision that might get them killed and not the disease or pandemic and during this periods people tend to spread false news and lies which increase anxiety and make matters worst

Resisting the impact of fear

Fear is a difficult thing to get rid of both internally and externally caused panic but a little bit of knowing what triggers the fear could go a long way in helping us be more fearless remember nobody totally get rid of fear because fear is a vital part of our life and what keeps us alive in these street but we could be fearless but how can we be fearless let’s see

Self-Awareness: Being self-aware of ourselves and our environment could tell us or point to us the influence of fear controlling us a huge amount of people are under a greater amount of fear but oblivious of what’s influencing this fear or causing them fright working towards our self-awareness unravels all this hidden influence so we can work on them

Ownership: Ownership of our right our food our business our ideas gets us out of the fright of the system this might sound hard you might ask yourself how do I own my own food how do I start owning my business how do I get out of the system the truth is nobody really gets out of the system as long as you still live in society but you can be independent of its influences because it doesn’t dictate your money and your mind you can own your own Enterprise grow your own food and keep the rules of the state just as a good citizen ought to be doing this will make you invincible to the propagandas around you

Avoid the news: I was meditating the other day and while meditating a question came to why don’t the news stations and outlet never say anything worth happiness why don’t they just for once say something positive to its audience spread good news the world can’t be all bad there must be something good happening somewhere around the world do you realize if all the news outlets and stations spreads good news for two weeks the world will be a better place but at the end of meditation i came to a realization that the news is a huge agent of fear factor that’s how they make their money and avoiding this programs by all means like a plague will bring a huge amount of positivity into your life

Using social media: In as much as social media is filled with a lot of trashy and negative content it is also filled with a lot of mind elevating and inspiring content using this medium can improve your life and reduce the fear that grows in our mind there’s a lot of great account on Twitter IG and Facebook

Recognize they are all propaganda: Most of the things we hear and see on TV are just propaganda must of the fear in our environment are not that real being able to recognize this propaganda and not falling for their scheme could not only bring peace to us but also help protect


A little bit of research: A little bit of research in the issue going in around us help us not just setting for surface information not just believing everything we hear on the news we live in a digital world now and have every bit of information in our finger tip

This is where I end today’s article and I hope you had a wonderful reading experience. Remember this is an open discussion, do drop your take on the comment section and never forget I need you to subscribe to my newsletter to get notified when a new blog post drops

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