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The miseducation of faith


What are our fears compared to our faith, the answer might be difficult to answer but when you look at it the easiest one is the worst one to have. We will rather choose to crawl and crumble when faced with difficulties than face what is in front of us and find a solution to it.

It is the human way of doing things. A fear which is just an illusion, a pretentious roadblock that is not real always looks like the easy way out of any struggle we are facing. We are faced with a tiny mountain to jump into our truth and we choose to pass on the opportunity of doing that.

The reason we choose fear above faith is that fear portrays certainty and faith has uncertainty written all over it. Not taking that leap means one thing, we are not getting what we want or choose to have from life. This is a certainty, which is having the answers in our hands and settling for whatever life gives us.

Faith comes with a whole lot of uncertainty, we don’t know the road we are plying on, and we don’t know what waits for us at the end of the road. Faith calls for belief in something that is not sure, which is difficult for us to trust.

The human mind has been conditioned to take the path that is known. Faced with indecision we tend to fall back to what we are familiar with. Nobody chooses the formula to what they don’t know, we tend to look for the patterns in everything.

We ask ourselves are we familiar with this issue at hand, have we seen it before or something closer to it before and when it is new we automatically choose to fall back on our decision or make a decision from a case similar to what we face

Faith breaks this conditioning in us humans. Faith makes us question what we have been led to believe all our life. We have been told always follow the sure path but faith contradicts those words.

It demands of us to take the uncertain path, to walk the dark tunnels, and still believe that something awesome is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel

One thing about following the conventional way of life is you end up like everybody. People have been choosing their fears rather than their faith and people have been having the same result, living the lifestyle and complaining why things continue to be difficult for them.

When you follow the path of certainty the adventure and sweetness of life dies. There’s nothing to look forward to, there’s nothing to jump out of your bed to go fight for its outcome.

You already know what your life is turning out to be so there’s no tension and commitment in your life. You are just walking through life as it comes and every day seems to be a boring routine.

Choosing our fears might be the easiest path to walk on but in the long run, it is the death sentence we issue ourselves.

We stop living when we choose this path, the adventure dies and our belief system fails. Not only have we failed ourselves but we have failed the universe and the creator, giver of gifts.

Faith being more of the process than result

We might ask what do we stand to gain from choosing faith, after all, it is not like we are sure of getting the things we hoped for but the reason you are thinking this way is that you are focusing on the results and the outcome of your faith

The point people miss with this faith thing is thinking that faith is about having the outcome or result we hope for by standing firm on our belief. This is the point a whole lot of people miss and get burdened with when things don’t work.

Faith is about the process, not the result, the process of knowing that the universe will attend to your needs when the time comes.

The result is a useless pursuit, if you choose the result more than the journey then it is not faith and you are going to get disappointed when you choose to hang to false faith. Faith is trusting the process more than you trust the result.

If the process can be done properly then you are sure of having the proper result. You have no control over the way things tend to turn out but you have control over how you can make things turn out.

Having faith because of the result you are expecting isn’t faith, that is hoping or you can say wishing.

Hoping and wishing is like standing on sinking sand. You have no control and you depend 100% on a chance to come to save you from sinking. You see, this is the reason people run to their fears instead of choosing faith, they think faith is something outside of their control but the most important faith is having the most control in our life.

When you give yourself to the faith you are not standing on sinking sand neither are you hoping on hopeless hope instead you are putting yourself in front and knowing that things will be better.

Before I started my business I had no idea or information on how to run such a business but at the back of my mind I knew this what I wanted to do with my life

If I had waited to gather all the information I need from running it believe me I wouldn’t have put the business in motion. If I had waited to be ready and certain of making it then I will be wasting a lot of time too.

There was one thing I was sure of, I will learn along the way, I will make my mistake and learn and in months I will be perfect

I wasn’t concentrating on the outcome or the result. The result of my business is solely based on the customer, I can’t control other people and I can’t have faith to say I will control other people. That is a hopeless pursuit of hope. It doesn’t work that way.

Faith for me was realizing that I will be good on the road and I will have every answer delivered to me when I need it most and that was what happened. faith guided me on the road and showed me what I needed to know when I needed to know them.

You don’t need to shy away from the faith, a matter of fact in more clearer and elaborate way I feel faith is the most certain path you can take and be sure of making it alive.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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