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Expectations: the loss it brings


I look back at some event in my past and I wonder why I was really pained and went through some downtime that things didn’t work out my way. I ask myself now, were they supposed to play out my way, or was I too much in my head. Sitting on that judgment now I figured I let my expectations have the best of me and we all do

We all have this picture in our head of how things should go and we believe this picture so much that we feel it’s already happening and it is really like the very moment we are living

This image is so important and relevant to us, it is the reason we invest time and focus into the task at hand. It drives us into bringing it to realization. Making it come into the physical is the only thing we think of that we miss the whole point and lose touch with reality.

One thing we fail to understand in life is that this image we have in our head doesn’t really relate to reality, it is just a painted picture of glamour that we feed ourselves to impress ourselves in the task

Since man is a social animal our task needs other people to come into realization which makes it challenging to have our image come into realization

We can control how we want the image in our head to come off but we can’t control the people that we need for this image to come to a realization. People will always have their own wants and how they choose to approach things. We can’t enforce our own will on them. All this makes our expectation void

Expectation is a bitter pill we have learned to feed ourselves when we become too invested in a task.

It removes us from what really matters and reality, it makes us live in la-la land, and when it doesn’t come off as we planned we get a crush and crawl down to our cave without trying again

Our plans never go as planned, this is life for you so going around hanging expectations in your neck is a simple way to make yourself unhappy in life and a way not to achieve anything in life.

Life will constantly choose to test you and you are going to fail at many endeavors you start even with your high expectations. So how do you protect yourself and get yourself ready for life challenges

Protecting yourself from expectations

First of you want to see the world for what it is and not from what you want it to be. You have to be realistic with yourself and know there’s nothing worth doing in this life that doesn’t come with its own obstacle. You have to be ready to face these obstacles first before placing expectations on anything

Focus on the work at hand and forget about the scoreboard that is the only way you can remain consistent and not give up. when things are not adding up and working against you. Know that someday you will have the result you have craved for long as long you stick to what you are doing for long.

Focusing on the long term takes your focus off expectations, know things take time, and understand that it won’t come overnight, yes your image might be brought to fruition but trust if you stick long enough you will get something better than the image you have in your head

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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