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Expectation as the roadblock of a relationship


At first, you will think nobody finds something good and throw it all away but human nature continues to prove us all wrong especially in the game of relationship.

Who finds a good thing and let that thing slip off their fingers, I will tell you, everyone, especially to the least experienced. The truth behind all these is we humans have an inherent want we can’t seem to quench

Those wants drive us crazy and we want them to be brought to us on a platter of gold. This wants go along to create a habit of expectations in everything we find ourselves.

You will be freaked out to know that just a month ago there was someone out there in the world lonely and dying for someone to love them but now they have that love and all they think about now is what the future holds for them both.

It is not wrong to want to know what the future holds for you and your partner but what is wrong is allowing your want to rule that judgment

You see, want and judgment comes from fear, and from fear we tend to want to control what the future holds.

When you let fear creep into your relationship you start creating expectations around that relationship and we all know how expectations end, definitely with disappointment

Look at yourself, you could barely hold on to the expectations you create for yourself but we go into relationship creating expectations for others to meet up to

You can’t control the world and most definitely you can’t control another human. The expectations you create around somebody, wanting to know where your relationship is leading to is just you trying to create roadblocks that will result in several heartbreaks

Life is filled with surprises and when we try to get rid of those surprises life becomes boring to live. 

A relationship that comes with no surprises end up becoming boring because there’s definitely nothing new to explore

Creating expectations around a relationship is what removes that relationship from being called a relationship, at that point it becomes a contract where two people have to try their best to keep up with the bargain, now tell me where is the fun there?

Every relationship is meant to be explored, relationships are the exploration of two people. Two people coming together to uncover, experience, and explore each other. 

If relationships can follow these steps and beyond, there will be fewer angry adults who believe love doesn’t exist anymore

I had a client who once believed she can never find love anymore and she’s definitely done with it but I told her she’s taking the wrong road with this relationship thing, we are all taking the wrong road with this relationship thing

There are no steps to finding true love, don’t let anyone deceive you but I strongly believe for true love to happen we need to love ourselves truthfully

We are too needy, too insecure, too scared, some with abandonment issues, some with commitment issue, and with all this in us, growing as the day goes by, with every relationship we find ourselves we drop all these issues on our other half and expect things to go alright, we drop and say to ourselves hopefully this is our messiah

Nobody is your messiah, nobody was born to take up the problems of another person. You can only find true love when you have found yourself and learned how you can love yourself truthfully

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