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How to discern the essentials from the nonessentials for massive productivity


People think the addition of things solves the problem, we have been conditioned to think life is about chasing the next high getting the next new gadget and adding a lot of collection to our previous collection

One simple idea we continue to miss in life is the more you add things into your life and dealings the more time you need to take care of those things. With all this, we miss the point on the essential things that matters

When you look around you there are just like two or three things that are truly important and when you look at your life you will realize there are just two or three things that are truly essential for your development and growth both physical and spiritual

Humans are known to hoard things it is something that has been embedded in us right from the days of our ancestors.

Our ancestors lived in an environment filled with uncertainties, nobody knew when the next rain will be falling nobody is sure of food tomorrow or the next so when everyone had that chance to feed or water to drink they eat them in excess and save those water in excess.

There was no storage to store food from getting spoilt and there was no big tank to carry water from one place to another because our ancestors were wanderers. All these were the essentials in their life and they were right to hoard all this because their survival rests on these things

This character trait of our ancestors still runs in us today even if we are not living in that state of lack anymore. Looking around us now we have everything we need to survive in abundance, everybody can have their fill without worrying about tomorrow but instead of us living like we are living in a state of abundance we still hold on to the scarcity mindset

This mindset has driven us into choosing nonessentials and ignoring the essentials. We have loosed focus on what is important and choose to embrace things that are not important.

Our ancestors were wise enough to protect the essentials and save themselves from getting killed but in a state of abundance and comfort mediocrity is bound to kick in and that is what we have been experiencing

Stuck with this mindset the only way for the average man to be non-average is to be able to discern the nonessentials from the essentials and just like his ancestors protect the essentials so he can learn to identify things that make him stand a chance with survival

The world has driven itself to consumerism which is kind of better for everybody but if you are not protecting yourself from consuming the unnecessary then you will find yourself mentally, emotionally, and financially behind in life


The big question now is what are the essentials in your life, you can’t know the important things in your life if you haven’t identified with these things and bring them directly out of the dark. It is just like the scale of preference in economics and in as much as you expect this to be simple to identify it is not that simple.

Unlike scale of preference which might be physical or commodity or product your essentials is more about the actions you choose to take, the decision you choose you to take, the direction you take, and the life choices you choose to make. It doesn’t really mean what you choose to buy with your money. It is your money and I don’t think am concerned with that.

So to identify your essentials from the nonessentials you have to be in tune with your goals in life. When you know your goals then you know what is required to push that goal forward and those things that don’t push you forward to your goal are the nonessentials you should be avoiding   


Just as I stated, your mission matters most for you to improve in choosing your essentials.

People find it really difficult in knowing and recognizing their essentials because they have no clear understanding of what they truly want and where they are going in life. So in knowing how to improve in that aspect we will face three aspects that brings clarity in choosing the essentials


We are always placed in a position to take actions like every day, every action of ours result in something, they are either improving us or taking us backward.

Taking an action that doesn’t take you to where you want to be is you choosing the least important thing to take care of. All your actions lead to somewhere, ask yourself where are you going to and choose the perfect actions that take you to that place.

Let the most reliable actions be taken, let it be your essentials, and let it drive home whatever result you are aiming for


Your decisions are the most important thing if you truly want to get ahead in life, to make the right decision is to discern the nonessentials from the essentials. Removing what doesn’t serve in the long run and learn not to fall for the temptation of short term result

Knowing your goals helps you make decisions that are essential to your goals and in achieving them


Things that shine are not really glamorous, we tend to run into a shiny object, quick wins, and promises of less resistance but end up realizing this is taking us far away from the things that really matter in life.

Our life choices should be based on essentials and not nonessentials. Just like our ancestors chose the essentials to protect their survival we should be able to do that now too even when we live in abundance

Go back in history and see how we humans did a lot with the little we had, how many inventions and change we made because we learned to make life choices that rest on essentials and not choose the easy path to everything.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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