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Escaping the ruins of addiction


We all have things we are fighting and one of the biggest of them is addiction. Though we have heard and read different ways we can get rid of them, the big question still remains how have they helped us? Maybe we have been missing the point all this while

Between me and you addiction is more than what the eyes can see and we run short of the willpower to carry such tasks like getting rid of our addictions with ease.

Most times we ask the question, how can we really stop? How long are we going to be slaves to our cravings and desires? This question needs answers.

Giving my take, I will tell you yes you can break free from your addiction but no it won’t come with ease and with the procedure of what you have known or heard all your life.

We are humans and as humans, we are bind to desires and cravings. We can’t escape this special trait of ours. Humans are born to take action and engage with their environment.

In our action taking and engagement with our environment we tend to fall under the umbrella of positive and negative.

We can’t help it, this is who we are. Our addiction is us engaging with our environment and filling in that space of action, but this time our engagement falls under the side of negativity that ruins and makes us lapse behind in our progress and purpose.

Nobody can get rid of their negativity just like that, nobody can just drop their habit and be free. The void still remains and as long as the void is still open you will keep going back to the things you are running from because as humans you are born to engage with your environment and take action.

The very best possible way to get rid of our addiction is to replace it with another addiction. Replacing a negative behavior/action with a positive one.

It is like freeing yourself from one chain into less tight chains this time on your terms and self-conscious choices. Freedom when it comes to addiction is an illusion, you are never truly free of your vices you just replace them with something positive

Most people go to rehab and think they are getting rid of their drug habit, spend time there and stay clean for months just to come back home and go back to what they have been fighting for months to get rid of. They fought the good fight but failed to replace the empty void.

The very best way to get rid of your porn addiction is to replace it with another activity when you feel that urge to watch porn. You don’t kill the urge you don’t even fight it you replace the activity the urge brings.

When you feel yourself getting that urge of watching porn you don’t hold back, you take your phone but instead of going to a porn site go watch some inspirational content on YouTube or rather choose to play mobile games.

When you have that urge of smoking a cigarette replace it with taking a walk and when you take this approach for two weeks a new habit starts building and you find yourself getting rid of cigarette addiction and gradually you become clean.

You don’t fight your demons you learn to make peace with them, addictions are a heavy burden to carry and sometimes you just can’t see yourself stopping but stay strong and follow the routine of replacing whatever toxicity you have been feeling

While embarking on your journey of getting rid of your addiction you want to be gentle with yourself and take things easy, being too pushy with your growth might hurt you real hard and delay the healing process

Know when to give in and know when to ride the wave of discipline. You want your life and discipline level to be on the percentage of 80-20 (80 percent discipline 20 percent giving in)

The road to getting out of addiction sometimes doesn’t really rest on your addiction but your mindset. There are two kinds of addiction, substance abuse addiction, and mental abuse addiction.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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