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Do you ever find yourself asking does God still speak today?

Does god still speak today

So many things happen in our lives and we starting asking these deep questions that come from doubt and not really from intellectual insight. Questions like does God still speak today have been on the mind of so many, we need answers and want to know that that communication still exists today. Let us see how we can uncover this broad topic together

When hard times come upon us humans we automatically result to being an atheist either temporarily or permanently. We begin to ask questions like do god really exist and does God still speak today. We lose all forms of belief because most of the things we have been thought by religion don’t come forefront of our physical senses.

With the world we live in today it will be hard to believe and reasonable to ask does God still speak today. Our religious settings are not giving us the answers and their teachings literally don’t serve the purpose of the modern world we live in today. The innovations and inventions of the 21st century have left the majority of the teachings of religion incompatible with today’s world

So now we are left with questions, questions difficult to answer by our clerics and religious teachers, a whole generation is coming up with intuitive perspective and mindset and the old generations are finding whatever they have believed in the past to not serve them or the purpose they were meant to serve.

The human mind is hungry and people are seriously asking does God still speak today. We need answers and I will be answering these questions from a universal and personal perspective, from the things I have experienced along the line and journey here.

In as much as we are serenaded with new information and innovations, some things don’t just change and some things will remain the way they are forever and forever. Though we might think we are experiencing new things, we are just experiencing old things in new ways. Whatever the holy books said about god talking to his people still exists today, the difference here is it is an old form of communication happening in a new way.

Yes god still speaks today but the difference in today’s world is we are being bombarded with a lot to hear the message God is trying to pass down to us. We are the generation faced with the most distraction in the world. There isn’t any generation that was bombarded with a lot like we are suffering today. We are intuitive but we are distracted.

How does God still speak today

I feel asking does God still speak today is the wrong question and problem to try to solve because this fault isn’t from God no matter what religion you tend to come from. So for us to solve this problem now we should be asking how does God speak to us today.

You see the difference between a solved problem and an unsolved problem lies in the question that is being asked. When you ask the right question the real answer shows up and when you ask the wrong question like does God still speak today you tend to miss the whole point and blame your problem on the creator

I am not religious and I really don’t want to sound religious here but the matter at hand and the question does God still speak today is practical and something if you are paying attention you are going to find true.

So let’s see different ways the creator speak to us human and let us see how we can make use of these ways and tend to pay attention enough to whatever the creator is trying to pass down to us.


Science has written a lot of things about intuition and a lot of people have different meanings and opinions of what intuition is. Some people call intuition that little gut we feel when something is about to go off, some people say intuition is that tiny voice that speaks to us and directs our step.

Whatever you tend to call intuition you might be right if not right, but that gut, that voice is something special, something beyond us humans that we can’t truly put together or give a definition about. 

If there’s anything about that urge, gut, or voice you have overlooked all your life know that it is the voice of the universal one, the one who knows more than you know and when you rely on it and choose to be attentive to it it will never lead you astray or where you are never meant to be.

When next you sit down to ask yourself does God still speak today remember you have just been the one not listening and paying attention enough to get the message that is trying to pass down on you.


One of the things we overlook mostly is our conversations with strangers. Our conversations with strangers are the purest because it comes from a place of realness. When we see strangers we go all in and pour ourselves into them because they don’t know us or where we coming from.

I remember this one time I was lost and had absolutely nothing going for me, I had lost everything and felt like all hope was lost. During this period I couldn’t open up to anyone around my circle, I know this people around me will judge me and call me all sort of names because of my mistakes and imperfections

But I will never forget the day I met this total stranger who happened to come to my house just to preach the bible with me, believe me at first I was disgusted, I wasn’t in the mood for such especially the Jehovah witnesses but just like I said on the paragraph above there was a voice deep within me telling me to let him in

Does God still speak today? This is was the day I had a first-hand answer to this question. We didn’t know each other but we had the best of conversation that day, five years down the lane I haven’t seen this man but he planted the change in me with those words. 

Was he the one talking? I truly don’t know, was it God speaking to me on what direction I should take? hell yeah!

  • Angel numbers:

I am not shy to say I am a little bit inexperienced with the teachings of angel numbers, I think the astrologers will have a concrete answer to the relation of this but there’s one thing I know and that is, I have a practical and first-hand story with this and its relation in my life.

You see I have been on the part of self-development for so long, especially after that conversation with that stranger. but all of sudden I started feeling something itchy like I needed to do something more and pass my message to more people. At this point, it was a search for new beginnings

During this search for new beginnings, all I kept seeing was the number 111 or 1111, everywhere I look I kept seeing this number. Even though I was doubting my journey of starting something new, these numbers were telling me something and that was, it is time for a new beginning

One year down the line of starting my blog and when you ask me does God still speak today I will tell you this story and many other stories I have encountered down the lane of my journey.

Just like I told you that I wasn’t here to talk all religious but here to give real examples. These are the ways I have experienced God in my own way and truly believe what he is about. I am not here to tell you the stories of the holy book and the teachings of the cleric but to share my personal experience of does God still speak today.

I hope you can read this and believe and understand that he truly speaks but we are just the ones not paying enough attention to when he is speaking.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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