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How to deal with disrespect in a relationship


When you love someone you tend to overlook so many wrongs about them, love always blinds the heart and senses. You don’t overlook this wrongs and character shortcomings because you think they will never change, you entertain and tolerate disrespect because you think they will someday change.

This hope we have towards people is a hope that will probably never actualize, it is a hope that was built on the wrong foundation and meant to crash. People tend to carry on with a character so far no one is calling them out of it

Whatever you tolerate in life end up growing, if you have tolerated disrespect in your life don’t be surprise to see them piling up with every waking day. If you have always tolerated improper character from your spouse and expected that person to change someday, let me break the news to you; they are only getting worst.

Ignoring things is not the right way to solve an issue. This is the problem we have with so many divorces and break ups in relationships and friendships.

We first see the signal and because we cherish the moment so much we ignore them. We keep seeing it reoccurring but because we love this person so much we ignore the signs of disrespect and think things will get better.

Everything in life goes through the law of compounding. Whatever you allow continues to grow. When you keep tolerating this bad attitude from people and continue to take shit from them you are leaving yourself in the hands of more disrespect from this same people

Until you address the situation at hand best believe your hopes are useless and never having any impact on the other person. When it comes to disrespect there are two kinds of people that fall under this umbrella

You have this person that disrespect people on purpose and those it to hurt people and there’s the person that is unaware of their disrespect because it comes as a way of default setting in them. This unaware disrespectful person suffers from bad parenting and past traumas and tend to project those behavior into other people

When you are dealing with the unaware disrespectful person a lot of work and pain can come from that person, this person has no boundaries to how far they can go in inflicting pain to the other person especially those they love.  

You might be thinking this person is aware of whatever disrespect they are throwing your way but to most of this people disrespect is their default setting and so far no one is calling them out on it they feel they can go on disrespecting people with no consequences

With this kind of people disrespecting to them come from an unhealed place. It is a personal problem and trauma they have failed to healed from. Most times they are disrespecting you they are actually projecting who they are to you. To them this normal, it is normal for them to disrespect themselves

Dealing with disrespect

You don’t expect respect from someone that has no respect for themselves and when you find yourself in this sought of situation you don’t overlook it and think it is going to solve itself. You don’t think someday this person is going to be aware of all their wrong and start making the necessary adjustment to life

With this kind of people you want to bring this toxicity that is hidden deep within their psyche to the surface. You want to sit down and discuss this with them, don’t let love or the feelings you have for them stop you from doing this.

This type of people don’t see the wrong in what they are doing and when you are addressing this issue you are bound to be seen as overreacting but it is okay to over react.  Nobody was put on earth to babysit another adult.

You might be thinking they will act defensive, well they will. They are going to act defensive but if they respect the relationship enough they are going to listen to you and see how they can stop.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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