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How to be a disciplined reader that complete books

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To every reader out there we all have one problem and that is completing the book we have purchased. The problem is not buying books or finding books, because when you are a reader you automatically find book suggestions. The problem is many of us are not disciplined readers and our attention is easily stolen.

The funniest aspect about writing this is, I also have a problem to this and the very possible to tackle this problem is to tackle it publicly with my readers and see if we can find a solution to it.

Nobody is 100 percent a disciplined reader, especially when we are known to continuously buy new books and have our mind pushed to those new books we forget about the previous one in our hands

We always find new books appealing and the biggest sin in a reader’s life is purchasing new books while still reading a book. You totaling damage your focus at this point, because the new book starts looking amazing and tempting to begin.

There are two problems that come with reading books. 1, you tend not to finish the books you have been reading because there are new enticing books you just brought home

2 you tend to continue piling up books that you will never read and might remove you from reading and getting the full benefit of the old ones.

You see when it comes to book reading it is more about discipline than it is more about reading.

Anybody can read but only a few can read with discipline and attach a schedule or routine to their reading process. All good readers are disciplined readers because there are no ends to books and this they know about.

The mindset of a disciplined reader

I once read in a book that the most important books in your possession are the books you haven’t read yet. Those books are the goldmine, the books resting away somewhere that you haven’t gotten the time to open and take a look at.

Understanding that those books you haven’t touched yet and are uncompleted is the jewel of all books you have had or read you tend to look at them differently.

All disciplined readers look at unread books as a journey and exploration and for every journey and exploration, you really have to take your time before committing.

How to complete unread books starts from this process. Those books are a journey and exploration of their own and you should see them like that instead of seeing them as just books.

With every book, you are committing to its journey and its exploration and you are taking time to enjoy the ride the author is taking you in.

To the person that continues to add books into their library, this is the mindset that can help you stick to the book you are reading without having your attention drawn to some other books. Without this mindset and without discipline it will be very hard for us to finish a book

This is the difference between readers and disciplined readers. Disciplined readers with all the choices surrounding them tend to finish what they are on and enjoy the journey and exploration the writer is taking them on.

But the most important path about being a disciplined reader is knowing whether a journey is worth continuing or whether to stop at the next signpost that said stop.

You see not every book is going to grab your attention. This is a point a lot of us miss and think sticking to a book that isn’t resonating with you is a virtue. Even the disciplined reader in all his rigidness falls into this trap.

Sometimes a book doesn’t catch your attention and that’s that to it. Should you go along committing to these books because you are trying to finish every book, I don’t think so and you probably wasting your time.

To commit to something, that thing must have a substantial gain to it if not it’s a lost cause to you.

There’s no need to feed your attention to a book that doesn’t resonate with you, a matter of fact there’s no need to feed your attention to anything that isn’t speaking to your soul and resonating with your being. Not only are you being of huge disadvantage to yourself but you are injuring your soul too (yes I said it)

Books are journey and exploration the writers take you, enjoy the journey if it’s worth enjoying and try to grab every gem on the way like you are playing an arcade game.

Yes, you can keep buying new books (that’s an addiction of its own) but never stop the journey you are on for another jewel you ought to take your time to come to.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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