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How discipline becomes the cornerstone of your success


What differentiate the people who live the life of their dreams and those who hope to live the life of their dreams, can it be discipline or something else.

Believe me, nobody is perfect and nobody came into life set out to be successful, nobody wins in advance and nobody gets there without discipline.

You might have been led to believe that hard work differentiates the losers from the winners in life but this will be true if you know the amount of hard work that people put into their hustle and dreams.

I truly want to believe that hard work makes the dream work but if that was the case many successful people won’t have a chance at success.

To have good things in life one needs discipline and to keep good things in life one needs it more. Discipline is the key to every accomplishment in life and in the absence of it or when it is been replaced by hard work a man automatically submits himself to be a burden animal like the donkey

The difference between hard work and discipline in goal pursuit is, hard work wants to do everything and be at every place but discipline chooses to know and understand the most important thing that needs attention at the moment.

This is the reason why some people can live the life of their dreams and some people can’t, that is why some people are very successful and some people aren’t.

The people who live their dreams and run a successful business just know that they don’t need to be on everything and apply discipline to the handling of their business

Merriam Webster defines discipline as control gained by enforcing obedience or order and another definition from Merriam Webster states that discipline is the orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior

All these definitions are driving to just one thing and that is orderliness, without orderliness in our everyday life how do we expect to be successful and live our dream.

You might be the hardest worker in the building but if you don’t have a system of orderliness created and followed religiously in your actions and decisions then you are going to be lacking behind the person that does

Every other quality that makes a person successful counts and is needed both in the everyday life and the business world but nothing counts like discipline, nothing counts like creating a pattern of behavior and conduct that helps us survive the harsh reality surrounding us.

A lot of people talk about getting success and very few people talk about keeping success, getting success might be one of the easiest things to achieve as long as you are hungry enough but keeping success is where a lot of people fall off the wagon.

The senses and the decision that you made while surviving won’t be the senses and decision you will be making while trying to thrive (This is another topic for a different blog post)

But a lot of people miss this point and that is why they fall off the wagon when success starts coming. The discipline and decisions change and they get confused on what steps to take.

How can you build discipline

One thing I found out at an early age is discipline can’t be thought, it is a way of life. You can’t tell a person this is what to do to be disciplined or this how you do it and you gain discipline, it is an inner game, something everyone must find out themselves.

I feel discipline falls under two umbrella, I call them the objective and the subjective discipline

The objective discipline is those patterns of conduct and order that reflect everybody, those conduct anyone can pick up and take on and gradually build discipline within them.

Objective discipline is those routines you see in books and in military journals. It is those discipline that handles the outside part of a man and helps him move around his environment

This objective discipline pattern conduct tells you to wake up before anyone wakes or when the sun still down, keep your environment organized, handle every activity with orderliness, take care of your health, learn to cook your food, and exercise often. All these are patterns of conduct that help build a person and help them create discipline in their outside world

For anyone that has been on this business journey for long and has been reading books about business discipline, this shouldn’t be coming as news to you, and am pretty sure you must have been taking this pattern of conduct seriously in your life. They do work for real and they do make you have control over your environment.

The second part of discipline is the subjective discipline. This is the discipline that deals with the inner side of a person, it is not all those waking up early and exercising often kind of discipline. This is a discipline that dwells on the soul and mental parts of a person.

This discipline helps keep the mind in check and at rest for proper productivity, they are not concerned with taking care of your outside environment but deal more with giving you control of your inner environment.

Subjective discipline is about watching and controlling your breath, getting rid of the desire for short term reward and instant gratification, build a positive mental attitude, and learning how to make a decision, this subjective discipline helps sharpen the 3rd eye and helps develop your senses, it sharpens your intuition for a better business approach.

This is the part of a discipline that I stated earlier that can’t be thought or told how to get to, they might give you direction but unlike the objective discipline that is patterns of conduct and everyone can build and have the same experience this one is subjective and needs only you to experience.

Nobody can tell you how to do it or what to do, it is only when you devote yourself to this journey you can truly know how to

Remember how I told you earlier that the senses you use in surviving won’t be the senses you will be needing to thrive, remember how I told you success is easy to attain if you are hungry enough but keeping success is where a lot of people fall off the wagon.

The objective and the subjective discipline is what am talking about and that is what differentiates success from successful but just as I said this is a discussion for another blog post

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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