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Disappointment feeling and Our ability to overpower it

disappointment feeling

Disappointment is a feeling that we have all felt once in our lifetime if not often, it is a feeling that drags us low mixed with a little anger and if I had known better. The huge fact of disappointment feeling is that it could be avoided but the mind was created to believe and hope in something.

When we are wired to believe and hope in something to get along in life it really looks like we can never run from the disappointment feeling we feel when things don’t go our way after all.

The disappointment stems from the letting down of our hope and belief, maybe in something or a person, when we don’t get our way in a situation the disappointment feeling resurrect and come to hurt us.

Invested effort or emotion invites this disappointment feeling into our life, an effort on things outside of our control. We are always trying to get ourselves to control a situation that is uncontrollable.

The reason many of us get disappointed every now and then is that we are really good at investing effort and emotions with expectations. It is not a bad thing but it will end up a bad thing for our emotional health.

The disappointment feeling we feel when the expectations we held high gets thrown in the pit is a feeling of hate and anger that stems from believing and investing too much emotional energy into a thing or person

It is not your fault that you are having this disappointment feeling because you choose to believe in something and have high expectations in them, it is not your fault, this is a trait of good people but your fault is investing with expectations.

Imagine a man walking this earth doing good just for no reason other than doing good, taking care of his responsibility, and being accountable to himself and everything around his environment with zero expectations of how things turn out.

This man walks around the earth with peace of mind and happiness of his own making because at the end of the day nothing outside of himself can disrupt his mood and state of mind. He isn’t doing what he is doing to be appreciated or praised by anybody so nobody can really end up disappointing him and bringing disappointment feeling to him.

This is the story of the woman that loves without expectations too. Giving her all and just being present in the situation without expecting anything to lead to anything. This is hard but no matter how things turn out nothing can disrupt her mood

Evolving past disappointment feeling

It is really difficult to do things without expectations, but that is our only way of freedom from disappointment feeling. Our mind has been conditioned to always look out for ourselves, we are always asking what is there for us and what does this person has to offer.

Our mindset with offering and gaining hold us down into believing and investing with huge expectation at the end. We are focused on the gain at the end of our investment whether financial or emotional and when those things don’t come as expected the disappointment feeling hits us.

First off, kill expectations and move around life like the man doing good just for the sake of doing good and not caring what’s in it for him. Be it good or bad your expectations won’t bring you down because you had none.

Secondly, learn to ignore the things you can’t control and take care of the things you can. You can’t control what the next person does or how they behave and react to your love, ideas, and project. Expecting them to understand what you understand or see is just a way of hurting yourself and having disappointment feeling.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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