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Disappointment feeling and getting out of its rollercoaster

Disappointment feeling

There is something about disappointment feeling, a feeling of anguish rather than anger. It’s a feeling that comes from wanting something to happen the way we want them to happen but end up finding something outside of our expectations.

Expectations are the main cause of disappointment feeling, it is the reason why disappointment hits us so hard and sometimes takes time to get out of. No human can totally get out of disappointment feeling, though the way it hits us varies from person to person

Some of us learned to live with fewer expectations that our disappointment feeling can hardly push us into a dark place, but some people care too much and put in so much to not get affected when things don’t go their way

Though having fewer expectations we still fall victim to disappointment feeling because we live in a society where other humans have influence in the way we feel and act.

I can talk from experience and tell you that I hardly expect anything from anyone or whatever I have going but that doesn’t mean I am immune to catching a disappointment feeling. I’m surrounded by loved ones and sometimes the actions of these loved ones can bring a disappointment feeling in me.

Not forgetting, the things they go through too can bring a feeling of disappointment in them which ends up affecting me all the same. As long as we live in society and carry out an everyday activity with other people no can really run from disappointment feeling.

Winning over disappointment feeling

If no one can avoid feeling disappointed then how can we see disappointment then? I know a lot of people that have their plans crushed and feel like it is the end of the world. The disappointment feeling affects them so badly that they tend to interpret that feeling as a failure within themselves.

A little shift outside of life and they start thinking life isn’t worth living anymore, that If this plan they have given their all can fail then everything else will fail.

The fact you can feel disappointed at something shows that you are strong enough to believe in something, and belief is something that differentiates the average from the top class. The fact you can be disappointed at something shows that you are trying to make something better. Either a person or some goals of some sort.

One thing about emotions is that they are compass leading us to somewhere, your disappointment feeling, and my disappointment feeling isn’t much of a pain but a redirection. How you choose to interpret the emotions you feel is what brings pain to you and likewise suffering.

If you can see the brighter light with your emotions you can learn to see the direction it is pointing you to. For every disappointment feeling, you feel there are a lesson and a message that you can pick from it and choose to reposition yourself for something better.

Maybe things didn’t work because you are being redirected to something better, maybe you tried all you could to make the right impression but failed because it was not for you, maybe your project flopped because you are working on the wrong project, and God so kind you failed quickly to go focus on something that resonates with your spirit.

You want to look at them as a blessing and not a curse. You want to really get the message every disappointment feeling is trying to show you. Believe I have had enough experience with disappointment to tell you that there’s something working for your good in the background.

No matter the feeling, no matter the emotion learn to go sit somewhere quiet and try to uncover what you are feeling and the message it is trying to pass to you. Even emotions like envy and jealousy can serve as a productive tool in pushing you forward to something great.

Don’t despise your disappointment feeling, you can’t run away from it so you better know how to handle it and make good use of it. You don’t hit a bad road and think your journey is over, no, it doesn’t happen that way. People go through this stuff and close themselves off but closing yourself off is removing yourself from the opportunities of life.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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