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Developing good time management habit

Time management

We have been in a situation where we forgot time and ended up doing things longer than we were supposed to spend doing it, we end up spending a huge amount of time on things that were not supposed to take the required time because we lack the required skill for time management in our life

For us to be truly successful at whatever we do we have to know how to make use of our time and manage it properly in a way we end up having a productive 24 hours.

For us to achieve these skills in our life we have to be really frugal with our time and not giving it out to anything that serves as time-wasting, particularly spending a huge amount of time on a single task

Putting time into whatever we are doing is a way to manage our time, when it comes to task, the mind works in a wonderful way when we tell it how much time is required to complete a task. Let’s take a look at this mental experiment that has worked for a lot of people and me especially

When you don’t give time to your task you end up spending hours on it even if it is what you can get done in just minutes, but when you tell the mind that you need an hour to get this task done the mind obeys and starts forcing your environment and body to meet up to that time allocated to the task at hand.

When you start following this mental experiment, you find yourself completing that task you have spent hours doing in just minutes, beating the time you told yourself to complete the task.

Time is a very vital part of our life and for us to manage it we need the help of our mind, sometimes in keeping track of ourselves and passing information to our environment.

We can’t achieve time management if our environment is working against us, so apart from giving time to our task we need to be conscious enough and try to fish out those environmental activities working against us in managing our time and get rid of them

Being real good at the skill of time management is to know and understand that we don’t need to do everything in our businesses, we need to come to terms that we can’t be attending every task even if we know how to do them.

Allocating and employing other people to take care of the task that doesn’t need our attention will save us more time and money and in the process, we can give time to more important things in our business

Exchanging money for time is one of the goals of riches and wealth, that is the aim of working so hard anyway so that we can have time to do the things we love and more time for our family.

Society has taken the other route by exchanging time for money and we can see the result of this in our family and our relationships, no deeper connection and great bonding within us

In our society, we have seen what lack of time management has done to the individual life and the life of the family, we end up working hours because we misunderstand the steps and meaning of time and its use in the accumulation of money

Time management could bring immense wealth to us and the lack of it in our workspace and schedule can drag it far away from us.

Until we decide to put this at the forefront of our mind we would never make use of the vast opportunity lying under our nose while we out there focusing on what doesn’t have a good and positive ROI

In understanding how to manage time we should know that time doesn’t just bring benefit to us alone but to everything that surrounds us, when we have time in our hands it gives our life meaning and makes us attend to the things that are important in our life like being there for family and friends while being able to take care of our health

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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