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The Creative work and its great need for rest

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The power of more isn’t doing more, the ability to know when to take a rest and analyze how far you have come is that simple ingredient you need for better optimization and impact in your creative work.

We praise how hard we work, some people actually see it as a means to praise themselves for how many hours they spend on creative work until they realize how unproductive it is.

For creative work to happen and happen at its best height we need to create room for rest to happen. Without rest, we can’t tap into our higher consciousness where creativity originates from.

In as much as our body can be tired our mind too can be tired and refuse to give us the necessary information we are seeking at the moment we need it most.

Creative work isn’t manual work and for us to think and be clear to give our best when creating we need to be in that state of completeness.

One thing about us humans that we haven’t yet grabbed and understood is that we are not our thoughts and imagination, our ideas and creativity. We owe those power to some higher power, we are a vessel of spirit, and we are a vessel in which spirit works in the world.

Most of our ideas, thoughts, and imagination are not really ours but the power and ideas of some higher entity going through us to deliver its work to mankind.

For the full benefit of getting this information and ideas from these higher power our body needs to be open and receptive to their information, without rest we can’t get this information coming from the higher realm or rather our subconscious.

The mind uses a large amount of energy to get out information from the subconscious especially in the moment of creation and innovation, and if the mind can’t regain the energy it has lost in the creation of one project it can’t seem to work on its best form in another creative work.

There’s a bit of false advice that goes on around the creative space about hard work and creativity but if there’s any need for hard work to succeed the creative industry and its creative work is an exception to that rule.

Imagination dies when the body is busy and with the rise of the internet, you don’t need to keep up with the pace of its demand.

Lately, we have seen artists and creators rid themselves of quality imagination that reflects on their creative work because they are trying to please the high rate of internet demand going on in the social space.

Yes the world is moving fast but no matter how hard-working we are we can’t measure or keep up with the movement of the world and the only way to give our best to the world is to be in a state where we can deliver our utmost best.

Only rest can bring out that quality in your creative work and make you do the work you can be proud to call your own. You are not trying to measure with the world but you are trying to measure with yourself.

How to improve your creative work with rest:

When the ideas are not flowing you learn to go do something inspiring. Every artist and creative has something that helps them break through or remind them why they are doing what they are doing. Creation shouldn’t be your all.

You should be able to have something that lights a spark in you while in your creative work. Your creative space should serve as this inspiration.

When the juice is not flowing, probably you have over-used it, give it some time, give yourself some time and go rest, remove yourself from everything and just sit there idle while playing and making use of your imagination.

When we are stuck in our creative work that means we have run out of imagination. Our creative space should look playful enough to bring this imagination back to us.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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