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Conservative or being scared?


Why choose to live in a very expensive place a friend said to me, when you live there you will be struggling to pay rent. His thought was conservative and more on the less side of risk. I wanted to give reason to this thought of his because I am the guy who goes all in.

You know ever since that discussion I have been thinking about it, are people conservative, or are they scared? To me, I will die if I don’t have a fire chasing me. I like being on the run, I like knowing that I am waking up every day to give my all to something or suffer a huge defeat

I have known this friend for quite some time and I have been opportune to have the ability to dissect the words of people, to know where it is coming from, what is influencing or driving it. 

Though he made a valid point on the financial side of things, it was indeed coming from a place of ‘maybe I might not make it’ kind of thought.

Yes, it was a piece of sensible advice but coming from him it was from fear, the same fear that rules so many decisions in life. 

After that discussion, I have been asking myself; does the love of less risk come from fear? do the conservative preachers secretly preach fear?.

Just like I said earlier, to speak for myself I love the intoxicating feeling of risk, I wouldn’t mind living in an expensive estate as long as I know that I am capable of paying the bills without any life-threatening worry. I believe in rising to the task and I believe in playing it A-game style.

I am not conservative and know not what it feels like to be a conservative. I don’t mean politically conservatism, believe me, I couldn’t care less about politics. I am talking about the conservatism of living, the righteous path of not trying enough not to get blown.

Enough chat and let me pass my point here, after listening to my friend and a couple of other people talk about their conservative approach to life I feel that 70% of these people following that practice are just scared of living life. Yes, they are scared of living life. 

Hearing these people talk about how comfortable they are living leaving a lot on the table is miserable. 

I believe in taking a calculated risk because what is life without risk, what is life without that faith that keeps man moving and waking up in the morning with the thought that things will be better someday. I mean without that life is miserable.

I have read conservative finance books, I have studied Charlie Munger’s conservative approach to investing and living. Looking at Charlie Munger’s life you can still see risk written all over it. You can still see a man who believed in something and went all-in into it.

I don’t think life is all about trying to reduce one’s way of life to match an income they can be doing and getting better. This is the trill here, a lot of people are not increasing their lifestyle because they are comfortable with the peanut they are receiving. 

These people, to them, are keeping a bargain in their settling for lower-income knowing fully well they can be doing better. In their fear of asking for an increase or going where they are appreciated they tell themselves they are being conservative with their lifestyle.

I feel life is all about trying to increase one’s income, going all out with it, and still maintaining a reasonable standard of living. Living in one’s means by refusing to fit in rather than live on their terms without all the financial pressure that comes from life.

These conservatives are not trying to increase their income and are comfortable in the life of comfort that breeds poverty. I don’t think they are conservative I think they are scared of facing life full front with their ideas and life choices. 

If you are telling yourself that you are conservative you really want to check out where that thought or opinion is coming from. A lot of people tell themselves that from a side of fear.

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