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in choosing a life partner a man needs brutal focus

choosing a life partner

The marriage goals we all aim for are to be happily married and enjoy the fruitfulness of one, beyond that nothing else matters. A happy and fulfilled marriage filled with two people ready to make the right sacrifice for each other will stand the test of time but before getting that we have to get the right choice of choosing a life partner.

The biggest decision a man will have to make in his life is in choosing the woman he is going to spend his whole life with. Because regardless of all the marriage goals one can come up with, choosing a life partner determines if you are going to have anyone.

A man’s happiness and chances of having his goals, be it marriage goals or career goals or whatever goals it may be rest 80% on the woman he comes home to meet and this is why his progress rest on this one decision of choosing a life partner.

This decision can liberate him and raise him up high in god-level or it can reduce him into a state of an animal level where he finds and knows no peace to move along in life.

A woman serves as a support system to a man. The thought about marriage goals is what really removes some people from the true work of what a marriage truly is. The marriage goals that get painted in the pictures of the mainstream media aren’t really the core to a happy home or happy journey together.

Marriage is a partnership of two bodies, which demands sacrifices to be alive. A man that doesn’t come home to such support is a man that just had his dreams shattered beyond repair. A home filled with mess both mentally, spiritually, and physically will go on to affect the productivity of a man.

The decision of choosing a life partner as a man shouldn’t rest on emotions and what we are feeling at the moment. What we are feeling at the moment can blind us from the true character of a person we are about to commit to.

Sometimes love is the wrong antidote to love, sometimes you cannot mend a broken person with all the care in the world. You can’t even push that person to the right destination if they don’t want to go to that destination.

Love is the weakest form of foundation in choosing a life partner you are going to live the rest of your life with because someday that love and feeling you are feeling in the moment are going to wane off and you start seeing the incompatibility between the two of you, by then things will be a bit late for you.

Making this decision of choosing a life partner should be taken just like every worthwhile decision we have been faced in life. A man’s life is consistent with decisions and if he will result to his emotions every time it calls on him he will live a very difficult life and suffer the consequences of those careless decisions till he dies.

Choosing a life partner with careful discipline

Choosing a life partner should be done rigorously and with carefulness. I truly believe that anybody can fall in love with just anybody, all we need is the heart. So with this, we should look beyond what the eyes are seeing today and try to have a picture of the future in the present.

Regardless of how you want to see it, you have everything to lose and little to gain when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Your future is at stake here and everything you have worked for while on your journey as a man. Your offspring too is also in danger that is why you need to be brutal and disciplined with this decision of choosing a life partner.

Believe me, no one is coming to save you from this mistake and you will live the rest of your life in pity wishing you knew better and did better. Making this decision shouldn’t come from a place of pity, emotions, or neediness but it should from a place of careful observation, experimentation, and realization.

You should be comfortable putting to the test whoever you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Watch how they react when things are not going their way. How nurturing and how caring are they, can she take care of your kids and be the source of motivation you seek. All these should be tested and trusted before such a huge commitment.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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