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The traps of choosing a career path

Choosing a career

When choosing a career path we are always focused on what is hot at the moment, we are always looking at what is in demand and not really what suits our personality.

There are different things we supposed to have in mind when choosing a career path but we miss this huge introspection because of so much noise around us

When trying to choose a career path, life calls for us to choose what we can do not what we think we can do. Thinking we can have led many people into a deep hole of unhappiness

What you think is your career path isn’t really your career. Just like everybody out there trying to choose a career path, most of what you think you can do are things that have been pushed down your throat.

Things outside of power influence our choices of choosing a career path. This noise blinds us from who we are supposed to be and tries to make us be who we are not.

When it comes to choosing a career path, the truth we are not open to yet is, there is no room for uncertainty and indecision. Because careers make up a huge percentage of how happy a person can be in life

Especially for young adults entering into the labor market, a career can have really huge influence on how your life turns out to be and how you end up in your old age. A career can’t be changed easily because developing a career takes years.

Career is the biggest commitment we pick up in life, it is not something anybody can run from and it is not something that we can jump into cluelessly

Choosing a career path is one of the difficult challenges we are going to face in life but unlike following the crowd and doing what doesn’t resonate with us let us look at how we can beat this trap and the influences that come with choosing a career path.

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The influences of choosing a career path

There are three influences that drive young people in choosing a career path which are, families, the environment, and the media.

Our family is one of the biggest influences that shape our career choices and most times their choices don’t really tally with ours.

A lot of us have been caught on this web and we have found it really difficult breaking out or following the path that we know we can be good at

When you find yourself on this web, there’s is one secret you need to understand.

The people you are trying so hard to impress by sticking with what you don’t see yourself being good at are going to die one day, probably sooner than you think and you will be left alone and miserable doing that thing you never wanted to do.

The person who wears the shoe should know how it feels more, you are the wearer of the shoe and if you are not ready to take that risk on yourself believe me you are going to be living a life of unhappiness and that’s that to it.

Remember how I said life has no room for uncertainty and indecision, I am actually trying to paint the picture here. You might say someday you will go back to your passion but time doesn’t give people such luxury, if you are young you have nothing to lose now but be sure you will have some in like 3 or 4 years.

The second influence shape your world more than you can ever imagine. More than choosing a career path your environment shapes everything about you.

Most times you really don’t want to become a banker or some guy in finance, most times you just love the men wearing suits in your neighborhood and you automatically think this is you.

You don’t do what you think is you, you do what is you and you do it as if the creator created you for it. You might not be that, seek what you are, and seek what resonates with you.

The very best way of choosing a career path is to look at the things you do for joy, things that bring happiness to you and you would do for free. Those things are your passion, those things are what you are and will really be great at.

The modern praise of celebrity and their price on the news has got every kid out there wanting to be a celebrity even without having any skills to warrant such a position.

The last decade saw a rise in the entertainment industry, with every kid wishing they are on TV getting that big pay.

Choosing a career path in the spotlight industry can be confusing for many because fame and money has blinded people into believing they are something that they are not

Look into yourself and evaluate your career choices and why is the reason that you are trying to dive into a field. Those that field really suit your personality, is it something you see yourself doing happily for years and never wanting retirement.

So many things should build up our decision in choosing a career path that works for us, so many things from health, personality, and the lifestyle we have envisioned ourselves to live.

I will make a new blog on this topic but for now, let’s all sit down and reflect on the influences that affect us when choosing a career path.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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