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Challenging the artist self doubt

Artist self doubt

The artist in all his grandiose personality is suffering from self-doubt just like everyone out there and most time the artist self doubt is stronger than the average man’s own on the street.

The average man can doubt himself and seem to get away with it but the artist in his artist self doubt can’t get such luxury. 

He creates for the public to appreciates his creation and most times he finds himself doubting his creation and how the public accepts what he creates

He lives and dies for his creation but his creation will be nothing if it has no impact on any life outside of himself, the artist is the greatest public servant, his life is ruled by the public and what the public wants. 

The artist self doubt isn’t a doubt about himself but a doubt of his creation. What impression is it going to make, will these people applause him or throw stones at him, will his art elevate to a place of mastery or stay mediocre forever. These are the question that leaves him with no sleep.

Every artist faces the artist self doubt and wonders if his creation will ever rise to that level but there’s one only cure for this kind of doubt that falls into different layers.

The causes of the artist self doubt

Just like I write in my new book (The artist’s cockiness: A true disbelief of self-belief) there are two types of artists. The rebellious artist and the conformist artist. 

Both of these artists suffer from artist self doubt but both approach their self doubt differently. 

Both of these artists are suffering from the culture that raised them and never truly appreciate their kind. 

They were left to walk around the world at a young age as an outcast in society while questioning their existence

Artists have always had it the hard way because of the culture that underappreciates them. From a young age, they have been told they will never make a living off what they do. They have been told they are not good enough and won’t amount to anything with such a career.

The artist after experiencing all these as a young youth comes to a crossroads of choosing what path to take. 

The rebellious artist goes on rebelling against everything society stands for and the conformist artist kills that part of art in him so he can have a place in society.

How the artist self doubt removes him from his creation

Though these two artists later come back to practice art professionally they never get rid of the artist self doubt they have accumulated down the years.

Even while practicing art professionally those words still linger in their head and they continue to create art from a place of fear.

In their thought, their only break can come from creating the things the public are interested in consuming at that point, they devote a career to appealing to the culture that talked down on them for a long time 

They think the public and the culture make the art and they avoid doing the inner work that helps them reconnect back to the inner child and divine channel that connects an artist to his greater source.

This is why you will see many artists chase quick hits, chase what is on vogue, and popping off in the street. They have killed that part that makes them a visionary, they have killed that part that makes them create for the future and the long term

Fear is the root of the artist self doubt, fear to stand up for themselves with their art and deliver work that will be remembered for a long time. If that fear can be handled, if the artist can be given the environment, tools, and patience to find his voice back, he will be on the road to greatness.

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