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The roadblock and Challenges in searching for truth

challenges in searching for truth

One way or the other we are all searching for the truth, something that can liberate us and lift us to the level we envision ourselves to be in. The truth we seek doesn’t just come from any place and the challenges in searching for truth will always occur

Every soul has its own rhythm and everyone has its own truth, my truth can never be your truth and what sails my boat won’t really sail yours or push yours towards the direction you seek

This is why the term truth of the soul is very confusing, so it is getting difficult for us to find it come every day. The challenges in searching for truth remains that we are searching outside for something we can only find inside

The creator puts inside of us something that only we can find and make use of, every human comes with their own manual of how to live a life that truly abides by who they are and the nature of what they are

There are some teachings the school can’t teach you, some advice your parents can’t give you, and some truth your religious system can’t tell you. All this is because they don’t know.

These organizations give a generalized idea of what can help the collective live in harmony and understand each other. They don’t work for the good of the individual or make things better for the individual.

The individual though belonging to the collective needs his own knowledge of self to rise to his full potential. The collective teachings and reasoning can’t do that for him, they are just another challenge in searching for the truth we face.

This is why so many of us go in search of finding our own truth and the rhythm of our soul, we all want something that belongs to us.

For change to happen change has to start from within. Inside of every person that walks this earth lies a key to unlock their life to be the best. Nothing ever happens outside of ourselves other than what we create within ourselves.

Ignoring the challenges in searching for truth and trusting self

The journey to truth and fulfillment has to be taken from inside out, not outside in. This is the reason why it is clueless and pointless that we go about searching for the rhythm of the soul in every place and in individuals that make those useless promises

Nobody can point the direction of your life for you, it is your journey to experience and live. It is up to you to decide if you are going to live it to your highest potential or if you are going to fall for the scam of the challenges in searching for truth.

To people like us, all we can do is narrate that direction to you then it is every man for himself. It is a cross you have to carry yourself because the work that is meant to be done is to be done within you and not outside of yourself. No one can truly help you on this journey but yourself.

We feel so hesitant in our search for truth that we feel there’s someone out there that can do this work for us and free us from the sacrifices we need to make to be truly free.

That’s why see you people palatalizing people who are on earth to narrate this truth to them. They feel these narrators of truth can help them do the work but that isn’t true

You see a lot of people getting scammed all because they are trying to avoid the necessary work demanded of them by a spirit which isn’t supposed to be so, running and being a victim to the challenges in searching for truth.

A lot of fake and false prophets have risen to the fears and insecurities of people just to feed them lies on liberating them when they are the only ones that can liberate themselves.

Today, make that conscious decision to search for truth in the right way and search for it wholeheartedly, avoiding the challenges in searching for the truth that falls in our path. Be prepared for the work called of you by the spirit and be ready to give it your best.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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