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To the devil we know, certainty helps us embrace.


What is it like to know when you are going to die? if I were to answer that question, I will tell you I will be prepared to die. Prepared in a way of checking all the boxes of life that I desire to check, every day will have a profound meaning. With such certainty about our death we might do things differently.

To the human, the known path is the right path, that is were certainty lies. I was talking to a friend on twitter and we were talking about the use of certainty and uncertainty, how uncertainty helps more and how certainty stagnates growth. The question he asked was “But there’s some situations we can choose to trust certainty with”

To me that question was yes, we can’t just toss away certainty into the waste bin, especially if it’s what humans cherish and look for the most when trying to make a decision or choose a path. What is humans without pattern recognition, a lot of people will be lost without it

Certainty plays a huge part in our everyday life but just like a double edge sword it can destroy us and what we believe. That was my thought that day but today I want to shine a new light on certainty. I am bringing up certainty because it is about to influence what we see and the decision we make when dealing with people.

There’s a saying that goes like the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. The devil you know speaks about certainty and the Angel you don’t know speaks about uncertainty. This two opposite are opposing themselves once more, fighting for power and fighting for who wins the human consciousness again

One thing that profound and beautiful ancient wisdom didn’t say is the Angel you don’t know is going to kill you. Yeah right, I know you have been missing that point all this while. It didn’t say the angel you don’t know is going to kill you, it didn’t say the angel you don’t know might take away your peace. The argument of that saying is, it is better to be safe than sorry even if it takes you kissing the devil’s ass

That is the power of certainty, which is why human choose certainty. To be safe, to be protected, to be shielded. After a little positive argument on twitter I had to take a reflective and meditative journey into the world of certainty and to discover why it’s such a big deal among us humans.

I don’t blame anybody, I don’t even blame whoever wrote or said that perfect source of wisdom. To me I will kiss the devil’s ass to be protected from the angel I have no idea of where he is coming from or what he has done in the past. Self-preservation is the first rule of nature.

Now I asked us earlier if we have the knowledge of our death how different will things be. I know you can reflect on this question and say things will be a whole lot of different. Awareness is power and power could crush or elevate the holder depending on the mindset of the holder.

With the devil you know comes awareness. You are aware of this person, their capabilities, their vices, their likes and dislikes and if you are that strategically minded you are aware of their weakness and that alone is a good news.

Awareness brings certainty and certainty brings assurance, all this is enough to put things into perspective even when we don’t know what the unknown holds.

One thing about life is nobody toss away half bread for the hope of unseen full bread, to the human mind that is the most irrational thing to do. There are risk takers out there in the world who believe to go all out but even in the field of risk taking there are risk that are rational and there are risk that comes from pure stupidity.

Knowing what is at stake and knowing our enemy helps us identify the approach we take with them, I will embrace the devil as long as I know what he is capable of. With that knowledge of him in my hands I have a chance of winning the battle.

Certainty gives us a holding line, a one hand benefit which is awareness. When we are aware of something we are prepared for that thing. We don’t move around clueless anymore.

I have an uncle that use to tell me the only time that he is in doubt is when he didn’t prepare for the situation at hand. Preparation for the work at hand was his own way of giving himself assurance and helping him cope with whatever.

In the idea of knowing the devil not everyone can handle the devil. You see this is the aspect that made me say your awareness can make you or break you.

You give people the date they are going to die and some people rise above it while some people crumble and even die before the day they are meant to die. You see certainty is very subjective and it can only help a person depending on who is seeing it.

You see this is where certainty can be threatening, like real threatening. Knowing the devil and all his weakness can leave us weak or complacent.

The reason I preach about how certainty and how the search for it drowns our dreams and kills our faith is because when we know what’s to come we get scared or relax of what’s to come.

knowing the devil means understanding a threat is at hand, not everyone can go on with that. For some it is better to not know the devil, by that they have a fighting chance.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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