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To be cautious is to save a dollar


There is a thin line between being cautious and being negative but every now and then we miss those lines and misinterpret them both. Most time we see it as being too negative because we are blinded to reason and believe things will always work out as long as we keep a positive thought and frame.

You don’t blame us for misinterpreting being cautious as being negative, with the sudden rise of motivational content and keeping a positive mind towards everything we now see being cautious as expecting the worst.

The truth is, it is easier to turn a blind eye to the challenges ahead of us and expect our plans to happen just as we have foreseen it to be, with the huge rise in keeping a positive mental attitude believe me it has turned to the right thing to do.

When you take a closer look into the term of cautious and negativity there’s a huge line standing in front of them differentiating them both if you know what you are doing and take the approach to them.

To be cautious is to try to understand the challenges standing in your way, to be negative is to be intimidated by the challenges standing in your way. Every plan, no matter how perfected and careful it is will have its challenges and probably go off track.

You are either being cautious to expect and try to understand those challenges or you are either being negative to allow yourself to see a million reasons why that plans won’t work.

The ability to turn a blind eye to the challenges before you is the ability to set yourself up for failure even with all your positive mental state. You have to be able to look at things and see the challenges that are in line for you. It is another way for being prepared

Plan for the best but prepare for the worst, we have heard this saying a thousand times, this is what being cautious mean. You plan for the best but you don’t turn your blind eye to the challenges in front of you.

The way of looking at this is to keep an optimist-pessimist view of the world. Be an optimist to always see your plans working out no matter the circumstances and also be a pessimist to be able to pick out the lies in your ideas and fish out the reason why they might not work. Pick out the obstacles but don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by them.

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How to be cautious

It is just like saying how you can be a realist. To be cautious is be realistic, it is difficult for people to be realistic with the popular teaching of keeping a positive mental attitude, and people have hidden their fears deep within keeping a positive mental attitude.

It is okay to be positive about your goals, ideas, and ambition as long as you have done the work and you are open to fresh and new perspectives in your journey. When you are receptive to the changes happening around you you are being cautious and adapting to the changes.

Secondly never be blinded to the truth no matter how emotionally attached you are to the goal or your ambitions. Truth reveals itself always before we embark on our journey or start a new project, we miss the signs because we are probably too attached or we didn’t ask the right questions that open up the risk

Proper research into our endeavor will expose the risk we will be facing on the road and enable us to be ready for whatever challenges that we will be facing. Every right question, every right talk with people who have walked the road we are trying to walk brings us a new perspective and that is how to be cautious.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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