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Can happiness be a choice?

can happiness be a choice

Happiness is something we happen to fall upon or find, happiness is an emotion that comes and goes. It is not something static to the heart because it is impossible to always have the heart or emotions on the trajectory of happiness always. Happiness comes from taking actions, any actions that trigger the emotional part of ourselves to be happy, with that said can happiness be a choice? Let’s go further

Can happiness be a choice? Someone once asked me and with deep thought into this topic I come to the conclusion that happiness as a choice to our reality is as correct and real as the sunrise and sunset. Happiness is not something that falls on us, happiness is something we chose to happen to us.

Some actions make us happy like eating a favorite meal with our loved ones or enjoying that special moment doing what we love alone or with the people we care about. If we truly want to be happy we can count on several things to do or places that bring that unhappiness straight out of us.

The question can happiness be a choice even goes deeper into ‘are we responsible for our happiness’. A lot of people want to be happy but don’t know how to be happy, they feel like they are not responsible for how their happiness goes and the actions they take in trying to be better.

The world is filled with options, the world is an open world and we humans have a right of choice but our right of choice has made us choose the things that take happiness outside of us. Life is just as black and white as it can be but somehow someway we have chosen to make it difficult and complicated

We all have the power to get what we want from life and have the strength to make the right choices that brings this happiness to us even if it’s not permanent. We can begin choosing better and living better. Can happiness be a choice, definitely happiness is a choice and our unhappiness is also a choice too.

In asking the question can happiness be a choice many of us are lost on how to start making those choices that at least bring the emotions of happiness to our consciousness. Remember how I said happiness is an emotional state and to get that emotional state we have to take actions that trigger that state. So how do we get started?

How can happiness be a choice and what are these choices?

When we ask ourselves ‘can happiness be a choice’ we are trying to know if we have the power and responsibility to make our happiness. Yes, we do have this power and responsibility of making our happiness but first, we have to be conscious of the choices we make.

If our happiness and unhappiness rest on our choices then what are the choices that can trigger the emotional state of positivity that breeds the feeling of happiness? If you are trying to tell yourself you need to always go to parties or hang out to feel happy you will be deceiving yourself and moving far out of the place happiness

All those activities that shift your emotional state into a feeling of happiness are just temporary and you and I know that you can’t be at parties or dinners 24 hours a day. You can’t go out skiing for 24 hours a day, you can’t engage in all these events and activities all day of your life. So happiness resting on that foundation is weak and short-term happiness.

So when you are asking yourself can happiness be a choice just know it is not that type of choice. The choice that makes happiness rest on a solid foundation and brings fulfillment into your life is the choice of following and living your purpose.

Majority of the people that you think are happy from excessive outdoor activities or any kind of activities aren’t that happy, after the party they all go home and wear back their clothes of depression causing them to overthink things

But true happiness comes from purpose, the opportunity to wake up every morning to do what you love or fighting for a cause you believe in that is where true happiness comes.

Though you can’t be in a state of happiness all throughout your life but your purpose can sustain you from every challenge or bad thing life throws your way. The purpose is the key to happiness

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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