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Difference between fear and conservatism in business decisions

Business decisions

Every decision I have made out of fear I have always ended up regretting them. Why do we regret the decisions made from fear, especially the business decisions made from fear?

While growing up I once heard humans have fears because it protects them from the unforeseen harm that is lying in the dark but most decisions I have made from it ended up bringing that harm to me and I am sure to you too.

Fear comes in many different forms and as humans, everyone seems to have one and to those who claim they don’t have one, well they do but they just fear-less. Fear has always been a drive, a drive that can liberate us or stall our progress.

Before fear can liberate you, you have to be able to have conquered it a bit. Nobody finally gets rid of their fear but with that little bit in us and not giving in whenever it calls we can learn to differentiate the fear trying to keep us from something and the fear trying to save us from something.

Business decisions follow the same path. When it comes to the business arena, you face so many uncertainties and at every turn, you need to make a decision to save your company or your business. The last challenge will never be the same as the present decision.

Most people will tell you when it comes to business decisions the conservative way always wins and the business that takes little risk stands a chance to survive the longest.

A business decision made from a conservative way can be excused as a business decision not made from fear but from precautions.

For us to understand the difference between conservatism and fear we have to take a look at both definition

Conservatism is the commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation and Merriam Webster defines fear as an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.

The similarity of these two is almost the same that in real life and business decisions one mistakes one for the other.

What conservatism mean in business decisions

A lot of people have left more on the table by moving with fear but telling themselves that they are conservative. Running away from change and innovation while not even heeding to the traditional values anyway.

I don’t listen to people who claim to be conservative but never conquered their fear. All that these people mean is that they are okay choosing their fears and okay not trying out new things that can develop their life experiences and business decision.

You see in life there are a few things the average man or person says that you can never take seriously. It takes the experience of both dark and light to choose light, if you haven’t seen the other side of the coin then don’t go about claiming you can stand independent of it. You are just being delusional.

For commitment to have an edge a man or person must have options and can choose to have whatever or whoever he wants but still choose to commit. If you have never known to possess options, if you have never been in a space where you can have whatsoever your commitment isn’t standing on solid rock. You haven’t been tested enough.

This goes for conservatism and fear also, you can’t truly know your business decisions are coming from a place of conservatism if you haven’t truly conquered your fears. How are you supposed to know you are not choosing the path of fear if you haven’t felt what it’s like not to fear.

Let me tell you a story about this uncle of mine. You know those uncles that are just overly and unnecessarily disciplined and want to control everything, well he was that type. When I was young I used to think he had his life together till I was in my early twenties and started working for him.

Up close with him, seeing how he makes his life and business decisions I started realizing all those disciplines and all those controls was not coming from a place of firmness but rather from a place of fear. Being with him I learned control comes from a place of fear and not of love.

He wanted to control the business so much that he feared any form of change, he wanted to control his family so much that he can’t tolerate a simple mistake as if they were not humans.

He wanted to hold on to things, have control over things, and never let those things go. I remember he would always say “I am just too conservative for innovations that won’t help this business, Samuel”

To him, he was the most conservative human on earth but in reality, he was being ruled by fear and he couldn’t look straight into the eyes of his fear and that handicapped his whole life.

All the business decisions he made from fear made him lose the business and all the control he wanted to have with people out of fear of them leaving him, he ended up dying alone with no family.

This is the trap we set for ourselves, thinking we are conservative in our business decisions without knowing we are still heeding to our fears.

Until you learn to face your demons and still be comfortable with whatever you find, believe me, you are not being conservative. I know a lot of conservative leaders, both business and organization, and I see how lovely their decisions have taken their business to and the profit they have made.

Not everyone is going to ride hard with risk, some people just like that low-key life that comes with a little bit of certainty and assurance.

The leaders make business decisions leaving room for errors and trying to contain what they can contain. I might not be that conservative but I love how these friends of mine live and handle their business decisions.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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