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Building Value: How to make yourself valuable in society

Building value

Nobody wants you if you don’t want yourself nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in what you see on the mirror till you start taking yourself serious nobody will take you serious or even pretend to take you serious thousands of people go through life feeling like they are shadows feeling like nobody really care if they are alive or still walking on this earth surface but one thing they refuse to admit to themselves is they haven’t brought enough value into society to be remembered or to be missed or cared for they have lived without building Value

Society only remembers people that makes them remember society don’t care if we are humans and need love and attention neither do society care about the living that walks with his or her head down feeling like the world owes them something truly society is cold but in her coldness we tend to rise up to the situation or get drown in the millions of voice trying to be heard

We live in a world of exchange by exchange I mean everybody is walking around looking for what they can get from the other person while giving what they can offer nobody likes the person they can’t derive anything from nobody cares about the empty barrel even if it makes the loudest noise people run to the man with value people embrace the person with value we see this things and we can’t deny them we want to be like that man by all means we want to walk and get much love like that woman but how do we go about that how do we become the person of value we want to contribute something to our community to our relationships to society but first we have to understand the meaning of value

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defined value as how to rate or scale in usefulness importance or general worth or it can be said as the principles or standards of behavior; ones judgment of what is important in life for us to be truly valuable we have to embody all this trait usefulness importance and general worth

Building value in yourself

The first phase of building value is to be useful not only to ourselves but to society as a whole this usefulness doesn’t actually mean going about doing task that amounts to nothing or are time wasters being useful and being for it falls under three umbrella

·         Solving problems: We might not be coaches or consultants of any field but having the simple ability of listening and being present with people that needs us at trying moment could be a super power most of us can’t imagine people walk around thinking before they could solve problems or make themselves known in society they will need to possess a grandiose personality and do extraordinary feat but we are humans in as much as we expect the big things we need the little things more no ability in a person is a waste reaching out to people checking up on them giving those little advise of your past experience solving the little problems in your household and community all this build momentum into building value to ourselves you have to conquer the pond first before you can start thinking of the ocean

·         Create: Nothing penetrates the mind more like creation of any sort the self-expression of someone through art engineering or business people go about thinking to be creative you have to be born a creative but that is not the case to be creative you don’t need to be Da Vinci nor Angelo or some pop star creation is the ability to touch people’s inne-rself so ask how can you touch people’s inner-self you could be a great conservationist you could make great things with the skill you have at hand organize a baking hangout just to bring people together or bring friends over to watch the game with you while being a great host

·         Be reliable: Everybody loves the person they can rely on whatsoever the occasion making yourself reliable and trustworthy brings a whole lot of value into your life but you have to watch out because this might be tricky you really don’t want to overdo this and have people dropping shitload of irrelevant problems and responsibilities on your shoulder

Now we have talked about usefulness and how to be useful in the community and society let’s talk about importance being important or having importance doesn’t really rest on our hands this is a judgment from the outside it is external but we live in a World and age were people judge based on appearance so in fixing how we portray ourselves to the world we can at least buy importance this are the steps in doing so

Dress appropriately:  people judge you by your physical appearance you might be the next Einstein or Jimmy Neutron but nobody cares if you walk around like you homeless the picture you portray is the kind of level of respect and importance people accord you

Walk with high shoulders: Again you have to believe in yourself before people will believe in you many successful people are daft than you think but they don’t walk around with their head down their confidence makes them look smart the funniest thing is that you might say something stupid but say it with utter confidence and people will buy the crap that’s how messed up the world is

Never self-doubt: self-doubting yourself is like shooting yourself on the foot every damn time you look untrustworthy you portray an image of uncertainty people want to be certain people need someone they can trust and go along with they want someone that can stick on his or her yes

The last quality of building value here is worthy worth is what solidify our presence in society but this calls for grandiosity it is the combination of usefulness and importance and all their subtopics for us to be seen as worthy we must have conquered our ponds and started swimming in the ocean but that does not mean that working on your usefulness and Importance is useless we can’t all be CEO of some big company of some sort or lead thousands of people or be a rock star that commands huge crowd but in whatsoever life we lead it is up to us to be the best we can be

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