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Dealing with break ups

Break up

We have all lost people at a certain time in our life due to several reasons from misunderstanding to doubt that led to a break up in a relationship. Things happen like this because we are humans and no two humans can remain together for a very long time without these misunderstandings. No matter how we want to think about it humans are temporary.

Friendship comes and go, relationship come and go and even someday a husband will leave a wife hopefully due to death and natural cause nothing last forever. A moment shared becomes memories. Some we want to relive and some we want to bury.

In the process of burying those memories we feel after some break up we create some kind of hate and grudge toward the other half we shared those memories with. This might be caused by betrayal or something worst that keeps our temper high when all those feelings resurrect.

What we should understand when we feel this urge is to know people are temporary and nothing should last forever. Even though things ended on the wrong foot you want to move on and let whatever went wrong go.

Friendship ends and people decide to go to war, a relationship ends and we decide to start leaking secrets or hurt each other without knowing the secrets we shared should be the memories we cherish and hold on to forever.

People come into your life as a lesson and also for a purpose. You are either letting those lessons teach you things you won’t go through again or you are either letting hatred cloud that mental space that makes us see things for what they are.

But having the mental ability to be able to learn to see the lesson in every break up in relationships could be hard especially when it ended on the wrong foot with a lot of feelings involved. In as much as it can be hard, we can take these few processes and implement them in our life.

How to deal with break up

First, see things for what they and see how temporary everything is. You are going to leave this world someday, nothing that breaths or created by human last forever so when things fall apart don’t get freaked out.

Remember the moment you both shared together, see the memories you both shared as they take away from any breakup in a relationship, and learn to respect that.

Secondly, you want to know how to move on. Holding on to a grudge is like holding on to the fire and you are the only person getting burnt. no matter how much hate you feel things will never go back as they the same and you won’t be able to elevate to the height expected of you

Lastly, you want to get busy with life doing things you love and cherish so you don’t focus on the hurtful things people did to you.

The idle mind will always be a victim to vulnerable and self-deprecating thought, fighting that should be your motive, and being in the habit of engaging in activities like having fun with the friends you have now helps get you healed quickly

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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