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What makes a boring person

boring person

You have been hearing people call you a boring person and this really annoys you, deep inside you want to change that narrative but you have no idea of what to talk about and how to go about it. 

Your problem is not even talking or trying to pretend like you are the life of the party, Your problem should be asking yourself what makes a boring person so you can make the necessary adjustment.

Believe me, I don’t think I know exactly what is universally boring like I have asked some friends what is really not boring and what makes a boring person but their answer isn’t universally the same. 

Different answers to that question have surfaced and filled my ear, some tell you jumping out of a plane is never boring, some tell you chilling in the bar is never boring. I get it, I understand all these activities are not boring but the question that remains is what makes a boring person.

I have never been a boring person and I will actually fight anyone that tells me I am a boring person (LOL), I just hate talking to people. I know you feel the same way too but before you go on justifying your boring self with not talking let’s see something

There’s a difference between being on your own and enjoying your own vibe and being on your own because you cant socialize or sustain a conversation. This was a groundbreaking awakening for me to discovering what makes a boring person.

In as much as I enjoy my own company, I can still sustain and carry on a conversation for a very short amount of time (yeah I can’t help it). I hate my space being intruded but I am not scared to keep that intruder and put a smile on their face.

This is very difficult for the boring person who keeps to themselves because they can’t socialize, handle social pressure and sustain a conversation. 

A boring person isn’t someone that loves keeping to themselves because they enjoy their own company, a boring person isn’t the guy or lady sitting alone at the far end of the room, bar, or hang spot. A boring person is the one who closes himself up when others open themselves up to him.

With every answer or rather definition of what a boring person is this is what I find most appealing and relating to a boring person. 

Other characteristics of a boring person

These people who cant sustain or carry out some conversation also share some other characteristics that make a boring person. They are not just scared of being seen they are known to exhibit the following characteristics.

They don’t speak up for themselves: A boring person hardly speaks up for himself or herself. They live in their head so much that they are afraid of saying things that pushes the next person away. It’s like always trying to play it safe either in conversation or in life.

They don’t take chances: Rather than take chances they are prepared to continue staying in the same position and just wait things out. I had a friend that waited on this girl that he knew liked him for years instead to walk up to her and seal the deal.

This can also affect the boring person in business because they can see all the green light and profit to be made but rather stay in the safe zone and avoid taking chances.

Zero personality: Aside from being afraid to carry on conversations or put themselves out there the next holy grail characteristic of a boring person is having zero personality. I mean this is where it starts and this is where it ends. Because they have zero personality they end up having nothing to talk about.

Their life is an endless road of zero interest and vibe, they don’t make things happen and things literally don’t happen in their life.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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