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The real cause of a boring and repetitive life

boring and repetitive

Life could be stagnant when you have nothing to look up to, life could be useless when tomorrow has no real meaning to you. So many things lead humans on this path of a boring and repetitive lifestyle. Let’s discuss them.

A man was created to be on the move, to innovate, and create his experience. A man wasn’t created to live a life of repeat and routine. 

Man settled for this type of lifestyle during the rise of the industrial age as a productivity measure. It wasn’t boring and repetitive rather it was repetitive and routine

This type of lifestyle for years went from being new to being the norm and something expected of everyone who lives in society.

You are either waking up in the morning to go sit at some office staring at a computer screen all day or you are in the production assembly line taking care of the machines that serve humans high demands

The rise of a boring and repetitive life

But lately, in the 21st century, this kind of lifestyle is starting to look worn out for many. People are starting to feel like there should be more to life. The old ways of man are at the forefront of his mind calling him home to what looks like his nature.

To create, to innovate, and to spark change is the way of Man. The body wants to move, the mind wants to create and the soul wants to explore when all this is being denied the man starts suffering from a boring and repetitive lifestyle.

This is the real cause of the present age dilemma where a lot of people feel like they are not making use of their potential. 

No matter how a man chooses to deny that part of him that seeks to be adventurous he never can run away from it. It will lead to his doom, it will make him depressed and make him fear the future

The only way for him to get out of the state of living a boring and repetitive life is to wake up in the morning and give his life some meaning. It doesn’t have to be some huge meaning or adventure but something that puts a little bit of spark into his life

What is this spark and how can he find this spark in him?

Human fire comes in different sizes in different humans. People are born to be something more than just existing, people are born to give before they take. Life and nature is built on that and your feeling of lack comes from not knowing what to give to humanity

If you can go back in time to when you were still a child or teenager you will remember doing something that brings this spark in you. You will remember giving all your attention and focus to a particular task that made you present and happy.

Though you did this assignment, task, or work for play you still can be doing it now for play also or you can go further and make it a new career choice. 

You might have wanted to be a writer and enjoy writing when young. You can still begin that lifestyle now and write and publish anonymously without any more intentions attached to it. Likewise painting or any other art form.

You don’t need to make a living from your passion, all life demands of us are that we wake up every morning and contribute our talent and curiosity to the world

You can still have your repetitive and routine work, earn your salary but still devote your weekends to your other side of creation. The goal here is to give life meaning. Give life a tomorrow to look forward to.

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