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Beating the habit of cluelessness


You could have everything you set your mind on to have, like absolutely everything but the problem that stands between you and what you want is ‘set your mind’. Those words might just be three but they come with a lot of difficulties especially in an age where our attention span is running thin. Cluelessness has become the deal of the day and we all engage in it with or without our knowledge.

Taking action has never been our problem, humans are driven enough by action from the motivational speakers that serenade the online space.

Humans have projects and humans engage in their projects. In as much as there is a high rate of people who will rather stay doing nothing and not engaging in anything productive, there are also a high amount of people ready to try something

The big question that surrounds us is why are these people not getting to their goal and hitting all the projects they have set their minds to complete.

The huge reason is that these superstars are not taking their action with the right mindset and approach, they are going after what they want with cluelessness.

Imagine you woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning and you want to bake something beautiful for yourself and your family but the problem is you are actually clueless about anything baking.

You have no idea about how every preparation goes and most especially you have no tools and ingredients to prepare something beautiful.

You might be thinking YouTube is going help pass that information to you, yes and okay, but your first trial especially watching from YouTube won’t be beautiful and your family won’t have a beautiful breakfast of baked beauty.

This is the cluelessness that follows people around their goals and life pursuit. This cluelessness sometimes comes from different reasons and dimensions.

Maybe our goal wasn’t really or supposed to be our goal, we might have seen a neighbor of ours succeeding in a particular business and we assume we can succeed in that same business too without knowing the fundamentals.

Sometimes it comes from our peers and we run to do the same thing without really caring to know the basics.

Cluelessness comes from not really understanding what you are doing, it comes from not being certain of our pursuit and cluelessness is a disease of its own that spreads to another part of our life. Things that are done with cluelessness brings clueless result and send us back to the Stone Age.

People fail to reach their goals because they are clueless about what they want. No firm decision and no firm approach. Succeeding as a person in a field calls for more than just showing up every day. Apart from knowing what you are doing, you should have a system set up to achieve your goal.

How to stop cluelessness

To have a clue about what you are doing is to know and understand its fundamentals. Before you embark on any journey you should have a map.

Even if the road is uncertain and you don’t know what to expect the map at hand serves as director. Without that map in your hands, cluelessness kicks in and you start making all the wrong steps that remove you from the right path you should be walking on.

With the map in your hand, the second key to beating cluelessness is having a strategy that works. A strategy you will use in maneuvering the obstacles on the way. Plans and strategies make our goals look like they are attainable and without them, all we will be doing is moving from one activity to another without direction.

They serve as an alarm clock remembering us on what to do and where to turn to and most especially on which approach to building. A very key benefit in beating cluelessness.

The last approach I am going to be talking about is the final step to getting rid of cluelessness not only in things that concern our goal and life pursuit but in everything that concerns our life and that is learning the basics of everything you are concerned about within life.

When you know the basics of life you will move around it with certainties and you will never be caught sleeping on whatever you chase in life.

Even when you wake up tomorrow and lose everything you have worked so hard to acquire in life learning the basics to those things that leads to the building of what you once had is like insurance to going out to rebuild it again. Basics have experienced that sticks with you forever and nobody really takes it away from you.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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