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Bad days? Learn ways to cope with it.

bad days

If there’s anything everybody can relate to then it is bad days, some days things don’t just work out no matter what we give to it. Some days it feels like we are never getting out of it no matter how hard we try. Everybody have one of those days.

Bad days differ with everybody but they are days of discomfort and unrest for everybody. During this days we feel stagnated, nothing ever seems to work and we are on that verge of losing it all.

Life is succession of up and downs, highs and lows. No matter who we are as long as we are humans with blood flowing in us and breathing then we are bound for this moment of distress and discomfort. Nobody can run from it whether you have something you are sacrificing or not.

There are two kinds of people on earth. Those who have decided to put themselves out there and chase or devote time to something greater than them and those who have decided to lead a normal life and take care of their family the very best way they know.

Looking at this two people no one is better than the other, everyone is entitled to how they choose to live their life.

The major difference between this two people is the challenges they seem to face in life and the amount of bad days they are meant to encounter while going about their life.

Though between this two people no one is better than anyone but no one goes through the same challenges and bad days. Putting yourself out there in the world to try to make change is not a feat that comes easy.

Change comes with a lot of resistant and building things off the ground comes with a lot of sacrifice. That kind of life isn’t meant for everybody, maybe that’s why some people settle for the normal life.

But with all the challenges the person who choose to put himself or herself out there face it still doesn’t mean that the person who choose a normal life faces none.

Everyone have got their own bad days even if it’s greater than the other. People are dealing with something, people are fighting pain, people are chasing dreams and getting disappointed, people are dealing with a bad spouse or some financial issue that drives them back and make them question their capability.

One thing about bad days is that it makes you question yourself negatively. It brings doubt into you like you don’t deserve what you are looking for. It tries to break you so you give up and hate yourself for trying. All this are done to test you and if you are not about that life you are going to break.

For me when I experience bad days I see it as I am being tested, what I am feeling is not real. This frustration and discomfort I feel through my bad days should be channeled somewhere productive. This is the journey I have chosen and what is the journey without the complications that comes with it.

Since everybody have got their own kind of bad days, which can go for a very long time like staying for months or even years, how can we deal with this and not fall of the radar on our bad days.

How to cope with bad days

First why are bad days so painful and draining? I will tell you something, we feel the way we feel because we are expecting result to happen at that very moment.

We are looking at the short term gains of our actions and expecting them to have meaning now. So when we keep giving and giving and things are not going as expected those bad days hit us and we feel nothing is really happening.

One point we miss is those little actions we take every day, those actions we give our 100 effort and think nothing seems to work are actually piling up and compounding.

We are not seeing the result now and won’t see it in months or years but they are definitely leading to somewhere and will appear like a miracle when it’s time.

When you push your perspective towards this angle things begin to make sense and you will be able to cope with your bad days more and see it as days that serve a greater purpose in your life. The days I struggled with no result are the days that made my best work which I reap from today.

Some people struggle with things that are not goal or vision oriented and need a different approach to how they can handle their own bad days. When you are dealing with something like financial problem or whatsoever the thing you need to keep in mind is; things don’t last.

If the situation is something you can control, handle or change then start making or finding a solution to it and if things refuse to add up trust that they will in the future, nothing really last forever.

There will be highs and lows and you experiencing your low moments now doesn’t mean it is the end. Things are surely going to come together, bad days never last.

Now if the situation is something beyond your control then worrying about it or letting it bring you down is a huge waste of time.

In this particular type of bad days, patience is the only thing that can save you. Don’t sit and wait until the cloud clears, while in the dark build something and make use of it.

Distract yourself from whatever you are going through with something worth doing. The idle mind has always been the devil’s workshop and you don’t want to sit there rolling in the mud about how things is not working out now.

Get involved with something and before you know your patience has paid off and you are living a new experience.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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