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Our future plans and the anxiety they bring

We all care to know what tomorrow brings and how we will be handling this future space. It is a human thing, we all have hopes and goals to chase or something to aspire to. Though this desire to know the future makes it look so uncertain that it has led to so many anxiety attacks

How do the future and anxiety relate is a big question. Anxiety comes from focusing on the future and what it will bring, it is to be anxious, to place great care of how things turn out tomorrow and affect our life.

To be uncertain of our future is to suffer from anxiety, to fear something, something unknown that could be threatening to our existence. 

It is a different kind of fear that restricts us from taking the required action or rather has us focusing on a certain action that we forget how much other things can mean in our life in the present.

We suffer from anxiety because we have failed to live and enjoy the present moment. We have taken ourselves and place ourselves in the future while being lost to everything that is happening around us in the present.

The fact that we miss every little detail that can change a lot of things in our life in this present moment and focus on something that we will never have any idea of tomorrow has brought so much pain to us

Since we know this is the real reason hiding beneath our anxiety how can we go about making the right changes in our life?

Follow this step.

Today is all we have

To start putting your mental state in a very comfortable and healthy situation you have to know and understand that today is all you have, today is all we will have. Whatever happens tomorrow is not our concern but today.

Since today is all we have we should be making the right changes and right decision that makes today and tomorrow better. Whatever happens tomorrow was the decision of today and to have a pleasant tomorrow you need to exercise the power of today.

Find purpose

We are scared of the future and uncertain of it because many of us lack purpose. We doubt our existence in this life, deep within we know we can be doing better we know we can contribute to society but we are lost on what to do and where to start.

Start by putting yourself out there, start by trying a lot of things, and finding the one thing that resonates deeply in you and you will never get tired of.

Find something to be joyful about: 

Even when you are filled with a lot of negativity in your environment you can find someone to trust or some positivity on the internet. You can attach yourself to a community online that helps you grow mentally and physically. 

We thank the internet for providing this opportunity to us. No matter the country or where on earth you find yourself. you can reach out to anyone that inspires you through email or DM and discuss whatever bothers you. 

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