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The real cause of anxiety attack and its cure

anxiety attack

The truth about everything in life is that tomorrow’s problem is will sort itself out whether we think of that or not, but if you insist on having an anxiety attack about it then you will be suffering in vain.

Anxiety attack is unconsciously bringing tomorrows suffering into today. It is the ability to try to solve tomorrow’s unknown problems today. Most of the things we worry today about tomorrow are not even yet in existence and are likely to never be in existence

Anxiety attack might be seen as suffering or silent suffering but outside of it and on a bigger picture it is just foolishness and trick of the mind that we fall. This comes as a result of never being present with yourself and the creation of false reality.

People suffer from anxiety attack because they have created a false perception of reality to live up to. Trying to believe things that are unnecessary and out of touch with themselves. You will be surprised to learn that most of your anxiety attack comes from the things you told yourself you want and not what you truly want.

When we humans take a look at ourselves we think we need more things to make us complete, we think we need a bigger house that will never turn into a home to be complete, we think we need a movie type of love that will never bring peace to be complete, a fancy fast car that will never get us to our destination to be complete.

Everything we think we need we actually don’t need. Many people have taken these unwanted needs very seriously to make them lose sleep over what their tomorrow will look like. We borrow problems from our tomorrow and live them today and think we are having an anxiety attack.

Even the greater problems that are real and disturbing are surely going to sort themselves out if we can just be patient enough to wait for it to come by tomorrow

Today’s happiness and sunlight shouldn’t be killed over tomorrow’s unknown darkness but if you have insisted on bringing tomorrow’s problem down to today how can you get out of it.

The cure to an anxiety attack

One of the reasons you consistently suffer from anxiety attack is that you have lived in your own head for so long. You have created a different world from the reality me and you see every day, you are so deep into this world you have created for yourself that you think it is all there is and nothing good can come out of tomorrow

Your fear of tomorrow is making you not live enough. You are not allowing your fear of tomorrow to make tomorrow better instead you are allowing your fear to break you in not living tomorrow better.

The truth you should understand is that everyone is just as uncertain about tomorrow just like you and probably scared about it but they are just not sinking into their fear of tomorrow like you, you are not alone here.

Instead of living in this world you have created for yourself and consistently suffer from anxiety attack you should begin getting out more.

Wake up in the morning, leave your room and go get some sunlight. During the evening go out and observe the sunset. View the wonders and miraculous ways of life moving around you.

Everything you have ever needed to feel alive is within your environment but the world you have created in your head has blinded you from this. To get rid of this false world that has been created within, go outdoors.

The cure to any anxiety attack is outdoor, walk in the park, walk on the soil barefooted, walk under the sun and feel its warmth. Let mother nature show you things that are happy and grateful even when they are not human and possess the kind of mind you possess

Don’t let any doctor sell you out on any bullshit drugs or exercise. Go outdoor and watch the bed fly and eat even when they don’t work. Go outdoor and watch the flower blossom and grow even while still, go outdoor and enjoy reality.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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