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Adapt: The first rule to survival


There’s no animal or creature on earth that adapt to its environment faster than us human, the human body is an adaptation machine.

Thrown into an environment far from what he is used to and he finds a way to adapt to its environment.

This was how our ancestors learned how to survive in the forest and developed the tools needed to survive the very harsh climate and environment.

We were born to adapt to situations and environment we find ourselves, this has been one of our greatest trait as a thinking animal and the only thing that made us survive thousands of years with huge development following our record.

In a time and age where we live in an abundance of opportunities lying around and where every man can become whatever he wishes what does adapting mean to the present age

With several opportunities and innovations around in our world now, we need a greater height of adapting to these new changes or we get left behind in the race of survival.

The world has seen inventions that changed life since the 18 century but with the recent rapid development in technology in our society, humans have found themselves in the same state our forefathers found themselves in when they migrated to a new climate.

The technological advancement in society has made us feel like we live in a world of nuanced experience and with the rapid change, it brings to our daily life many of us have found ourselves lost in the wave and wondering what is the next step for humanity.

How we can learn to control or use this technological advancement to our chance of survival rather than them using us. More than ever our adaptive trait has been called for the question.

How to adapt to your environment

The big question we ask with all this advancement we have around us is, how do we make use of these opportunities and utilize everything around us? The very best way to do this is to put ourselves in the shoes of our ancestor and how they had to develop a habit that corresponds with their environment for the sake of survival

First, let’s look at the social place, we have experienced different social platforms people all over the world can connect together and pass information with the speed of light.

This easier mode of passing information around has brought a negative and positive side to the way mankind has consumed information over the ages.

Now we have been exposed to things that can harm our survival and things that can uplift our survival and give us a chance, to adapt to this social space we need to be able to discern the contents and information that drag us down and the ones that uplift us.

Secondly, the advancement of technology in the finance field of life have seen the crash of some business that could not make changes and adapt to the information age and globalization.

We have all also seen the rise of new business and business model that nobody would have thought of 40 years ago do so well.

The very best way of making your business survive in this age of information and globalization is to make your business speak the language of the informational age and making yourself visible in a space where technology has given everybody a voice.

Businesses that failed to adapt to this new business model have found themselves wiped out of the map of globalization.

Around our workplaces and in some fields like the medical field we have also seen technology change the face of everything and most of the people who can’t keep up or educate themselves on the new changes going on in their workplaces have found themselves out of jobs because they lack the new skill to survive in the competitive markets that technology has created.

Adaptation in this side of human working ability created by technology is keeping up with every technology development going on in our fields and educating ourselves on the challenges they bring into our working space.

Technology has brought its own challenges into our lives and for a very long time, humans feel like they don’t know their environment anymore and are left clueless on what step to take. Most of us have actually forgotten about the adaptive trait we embody as humans

This is the time to wake and look around to know how to maneuver your environment and make good use of it. Those who don’t adapt to changes lose everything they have worked so hard to achieve and blame the government or the organization for their failure

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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