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99 failures and 1 win

The drives to keep going and that’s all that matters, if you don’t realize that majority of your endeavor are going to flop, well, let me break that news to you now, they are going to flop and this is what you need to know when they do.

Failure is inevitable, I keep on saying that and some people keep looking at me like I am negative. These are people that want to deny the existence of life itself, they never want to come to the reality of that harsh truth

The quicker you know your poison the quicker you go look or make its antidote. Failure and hard times are two things we are going to meet on the road to our promise land. Steve Harvey said that without a test there’s no testimony (such brilliant words from Steve) and that’s the reality of life.

The problem isn’t why we failed 99 times the problem will be failing 99 times and not learning the lesson of failure. A matter of fact here is that it is impossible to fail 99 times without learning the lessons of failure, so impossible.

Why is failure time 99 times so important in our life? Because that 99 failure prepares us for that one victory that changes everything in our life. Without that 99 we are not making it to 100. 

In my best experience, I find the 99 failures more important than the win itself at 100, because the journey will always be greater than the destination.

If you are familiar or have gone on road trips (To those who love the road), the spectacle of the journey lies in the extra landscape looking out from your window, though you don’t arrive as fast as when you take air transportation but the experiences you catch on the road stays with you forever. The sight, creation, and wonders of the world just blow your mind.

These 99 failures are what gives life meaning, they are what makes a man and in these 99 failures he finds jewels, he finds things that separate him from the masses and make him stand out among men.

Who wants to fail 99 times? Believe me, it is a scary thought but the fact that everyone who has built something and done something magnificent in society know is this – You hardly notice everything that is going wrong because the journey is intoxicating and the learnings of failure so pleasing and enriching to the soul.

Don’t get so confused about why things are not working out for you yet, rather learn to enjoy your process, with every failure you try again ten times stronger. 

With every bad day wake up the next day ready for whatever challenges life is about to throw your way. Don’t give up on your journey and most importantly don’t fail to learn the lessons the 99 failures bring.

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