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Finding your voice
In a crowded world where there are a million voices trying to get heard, it will always be difficult finding your voice or for the individual to find that part of him/her that isn’t there in others. An old friend of mine will always tell me Samuel you can’t be anything new in the world […]
Would you date you
I remembered the day I asked myself this question and I remember how hard I laughed. I laughed because I know I was a hot mess, a time bomb waiting for someone to be foolish enough to detonate it so we can both have problems together.  Before I was conscious and honest enough to tell […]
We all care to know what tomorrow brings and how we will be handling this future space. It is a human thing, we all have hopes and goals to chase or something to aspire to. Though this desire to know the future makes it look so uncertain that it has led to so many anxiety […]
simple and happy
When you start understanding that it is the simple things that matter you start viewing life in different ways, a lot of people live life searching for a simple and happy way to live life but end up missing the point to this approach.  All life’s answer is in front of us but we choose […]
The drives to keep going and that’s all that matters, if you don’t realize that majority of your endeavor are going to flop, well, let me break that news to you now, they are going to flop and this is what you need to know when they do. Failure is inevitable, I keep on saying […]
Why choose to live in a very expensive place a friend said to me, when you live there you will be struggling to pay rent. His thought was conservative and more on the less side of risk. I wanted to give reason to this thought of his because I am the guy who goes all […]
Today I don’t feel like doing anything, believe me, that was what I was singing before opening my laptop. I feel lazy and I seriously can’t deny that part of me today. We all have days like this, days filled with sheer laziness.  The thought of laziness made me want to write about laziness and […]
boring person
You have been hearing people call you a boring person and this really annoys you, deep inside you want to change that narrative but you have no idea of what to talk about and how to go about it.  Your problem is not even talking or trying to pretend like you are the life of […]
INTJ procrastination
Regardless of the personality, procrastination is still a thing, a thing everyone tends to suffer and deal with in life until they start seeing a way out of it. Procrastination is something that will take away your power and when it comes to intj procrastination it is no different. No matter how intellectual they seem […]
lessons people often learn too late in life
Along the line, people often come to this realization, a realization that makes them start questioning things and the true meaning of life. Having walked on a path filled with stress and unrealistic pursuit the mind begins to call us home, call us home to all the mistakes we have made along the way. These […]
If you have been someone that has been a victim of anger this won’t come as a surprise to hear that it has brought much more harm than good in your life. It must have made you lose a lot of relationships either with friends or family and if not checked, redirected, or stopped it […]
Does god still speak today
So many things happen in our lives and we starting asking these deep questions that come from doubt and not really from intellectual insight. Questions like does God still speak today have been on the mind of so many, we need answers and want to know that that communication still exists today. Let us see […]
starting your own business
So you wake up one morning and felt like starting your own business, you have this creative idea in your head of how things are going to turn out, the layout, and all the amazing customers that will be pleased to patronize. You are all hyped up with this idea and ready to go all-in […]
playing victim as a coping mechanism
Do you ever look at some people and wonder why they derive joy from telling the world that everything has happened to them and that’s the reason they are the way they are? These people would rather choose playing victim as a coping mechanism to get by life and society. They claim they are the […]
Disappointment feeling
There is something about disappointment feeling, a feeling of anguish rather than anger. It’s a feeling that comes from wanting something to happen the way we want them to happen but end up finding something outside of our expectations. Expectations are the main cause of disappointment feeling, it is the reason why disappointment hits us […]
When life punches you in the face
Life throws things at you especially when you are least expecting them to happen, plans get failed and bad things happen the problem is how you get back on your feet when life punches you in the face. What are the things you do that make you resilient to struggle? When life punches you in […]
taking responsibility for your actions
You sit on your couch and tell yourself that you are suffering from something, something that isn’t health-related. With all these stories you tell yourself you refuse to acknowledge not taking responsibility for your actions as part of the cause for your excuse. you call them your traumas, things that you went through while young […]
When things don't go as planned
We all find ourselves in situations where we keep on asking what went wrong and how we could have changed something to make our plans work perfectly fine. When things don’t go as planned we tend to see it as misfortune or as a huge blow in our gut but I am a strong believer […]
reaching mastery
We all want to reach the height where we can say we have it all, where we can proudly say we have learned every trick both new and old in our field of expertise. Reaching mastery is the hope and dreams of many and everyone seeks the respect that comes with it. Everyone wants to […]
bounce back from setbacks
The bad news is that failure is inevitable and no one can really say they missed it while living here on earth. The good news is we are wired and conditioned to bounce back from setbacks. No matter how difficult things may be or the road may look humans can rise from anything The mind […]
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Madu Samuel
A writer by day, artist by night, and teacher by choice. Founder of coolcatinvite (Media/Music) company. I teach the ways of the universe and life itself. Journey with me

You can't find trust and loyalty in a hungry place.

If you claim to love peace you will stop trying to include yourself in everything.

People want to feel among, jump on any trending topics and choose sides.

Inclusion is the drug of the digital age no one is talking about.

When you figure things are outside of your hands, treat them that way.

People will realize that there's nothing they can do to change a situation yet they keep doing and losing.

They want you to fail but not to fail so they can take over, they are too lazy for that. They want to see you fail but they don't want your responsibility.

Business without creativity is selling mediocrity.

Creativity without business is talking in an empty room.

Both need each other to flesh out to their purpose especially in the creative industry.

They wash both their hands.

There's confidence and then there's self-confidence. You can be confident in a thing but lack that confidence in yourself. Really good in your occupation but really bad at trusting your judgement.
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